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    Need excavator advice.

    Let us know if you ever make a YouTube video showing your inspection process, I’m sure a lot of us could learn a bit. Where do you send the oil sample and what all will it tell you?
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    Dump Trailer

    Don’t have any experience to compare, as I’ve only used my buddies which is a bumper pull, spread axle, single cylinder scissor dump. It’s been real handy and wouldn’t complain about anything on it. Curious to hear opinions on spread axle option for these trailers. Don’t know if it’s pretty...
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    30-40 Million People in America Could Be Evicted

    Too much / too nice of a house is a different story. Reality is good chunk of U. S. couldn’t tell you what an IRA is, let alone differences between that and a Roth IRA or other investment vehicles. So I’ll stick with my view that generally a house a the best investment for the general populous...
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    30-40 Million People in America Could Be Evicted

    Okay, it’s Friday I’ll bite. Tell me why buying your own home is not a good investment. Aside from those who buy more house than they can truly afford I would argue a good home is the single best investment the typical American can make.
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    Hay rings with the skirts at the bottom ?

    Bought one of these sheeted cone feeders well used a couple years ago and can say they really help reduce hay waste and has held up well. Haven’t tried Poly, but have hauled off lots of thinned walled coop and TSC feeders that just don’t...
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    Chimney repair

    Those clay liners shouldn’t be cracking. You have something more serious than simply coating with mortar. I’m guessing you have water getting in somewhere at the top between liner and limestone. Got any other pictures from the top showing everything?
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    Stirring it up

    Started looking for newer truck about 4-5 months ago and got serious with my search 2 months ago. Decided to stick with GM. I don’t haul too much that often, but need enough for my needs when I do. Also need a few bells and whistles for work. Quad cab, 4x4, 6.2l, and leather seats so that...
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    LaCrosse,Bogs or Muck for winter wet boot

    I don’t have wide feet, but Mucks have been the most comfortable for me. Bought a taller pair of Mucks couple years back and couldn’t stand the comfort difference. Bought a pair of Bogs - comfortable, but did spring a leak the first year. Bought a pair of Dryshods late last Winter based on...
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    Farm insurance?

    Probably worth a sit down review with your current provider. Seems from my experience any carrier who is not well known for farm coverage will find an excuse to say no or screw you over. Ultimately it’s not your insurance agent selling the policy who will be there to assess damages... That...
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    535 problems

    What would cause the belt to slip at the very end vs. throughout wrapping process?
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    535 problems

    Okay, here’s another 535 question- twine is wrapping several more times on home return side than it should. This is a friends new to him baler and I have exceptionally Little experience with round balers. No obvious broken parts or missing springs. Fluid level for pump is fine with new filter.
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    These knives are not needed around here anymore....

    I have enjoyed reading and learning from this thread, thank you for sharing. Any good book recommendations on the history and harvesting of tobacco?
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    These knives are not needed around here anymore....

    What is the serrated edge for? Some of those square handles make my hands hurt thinking about swinging that for any length of time. Spoke shaves work wonders!
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    Cleaning up old Farm Sheds ?

    I’m thinking small old granary type shed. If it’s that type without actually being secured just cut a couples holes in wall and floor and pull out with chain. If it pulls out decent you might have yourself a nice little chicken shed for someone, and a few hundred bucks in your pocket.