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    Moved and have tentatively opted to change my whole life..

    Good luck with your next chapter of life. In a similar situation myself.
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    The next pandemic

    If you didn't attend a Gay Rave in Paris you're probably safe.
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    Another valued member passed yesterday (Hillsdown)

    Had the pleasure of spending a few days with Wanda and Eddie both in Canada and again when they visited Colorado. I've never known two finer people. The world is definitely a much poorer place without her in it. RIP my friend and condolences to all of her loved ones.
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    And there in lies the rub! YOU WILL NEVER GET PRODUCERS TO AGREE ON ANYTHING LONG ENUF TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. FWIW I include myself in that remark.
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    Just heard that the Biden Administration has taken the stand that the Beef Industry(feedlots, and packers, and maybe wholesalers) are price fixing. I know there's lots of people here who would agree with that assumption. Soooo what does Fox News do. They go out and talk to one of those guys...
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    Heifer does not produce enough milk. (Help)

    what does report mean
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    We may all be missing the boat, by not raising Corrientes!

    Anyone who thinks that an order buyer can't tell a high percentage Corriente from a pen of English or Continental calves is kidding themselves. Got a buddy who once owned over 300 mama Corrientes. Said the happiest day of his life was when he sold every last one. And NO they don't handle the...
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    We may all be missing the boat, by not raising Corrientes!

    No offense but, I'd have to see that in person to be convinced that a corriente cross(50/50) will make CAB.
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    Sick world we live in!

    What's AMAZING TO ME!!! is that you and ALL liberals/socialists/democratic socialists/communists would have the rest of us believe that morals and integrity matter to you even one little bit. ALL you care about is power , the acquisition of it and the maintaining of it. Everything the democrat...
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    Sick world we live in!

    Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Jenner a conservative?
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    Talking myself into needing this guy.

    deep deep bulls always tend to look shorter backed. nuthin wrong with him
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    Irish Black Cattle

    If you can't tell by looking at them then you shouldn't be buying cattle. Find someone who knows what to look for structurally and pay them to help you with selection. and for the record I HAVE looked at them long and hard...that and the fact that they were ridiculously priced is why I went...
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    One party rule

    crickets..nothing but crickets!
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    Max price on a Bull for commercial use

    Hey Ken good to hear from you too. No I sold out a couple of years ago. Been retired since 2015. All I do now is hunt, fish, garden, play with the grandkids and chase the better half around the house.
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    One party rule

    and there lies the lie and the irony.....the lie that Kavanaugh was satan by the long dem knives and the irony that they are once again exposed for their hypocrisy...btw if you're going to quote me don't massage my words or delete them to suit your purpose