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    Heifer aborted today.

    Pulled in the lane this morning and saw a buzzard fly away from near the hay feeder and a couple others circling. Found an aborted fetus the size of a large cat or small dog, guessed to be about 5 months along or so. Checked the herd and it was clearly from one of the yearling heifers. She...
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    Won’t eat grain?

    Not really concerned about it but found it strange... Our cows only get a little grain on occasion, mostly just when we need to get them in. Pretty much a closed herd, just about everything at this point was born and raised here. I supplement hay with grain when growing heifers, so they all...
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    Saved the worst for last.

    Have two slightly older cows that have been late calvers for the last year or two. Trying to rebuild the herd after some hard culling the last two years and they were good cows otherwise so I held on to them. Got rid of several earlier this summer and these two were on the short list but there...
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    Fly predators Anybody heard of or tried this? My girlfriend was talking to the owner of the big fancy horse barn she takes one of the girls she nannies for to for riding lessons. She said she noticed they had very few flies. The lady told her that's what they use, costs them...
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    What kind of rotary mower do you like?

    I'm thinking of upgrading rotary mowers before next year and I'm not 100% sure what to get. Currently have a John Deere 709 which is a 7' 3pt mower. Works ok, but I hate how it doesn't follow the contour of the ground very well. If you go over a knoll or through a dip it either rides up and...
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    Hay preservative

    Anybody know what the 'shelf life' is on propionic acid hay preservative? We have an applicator setup on the round baler but haven't used it for several years. Have one of those IBC type totes with about a 1/4 of a tank left that's been sitting in the barn for a few years. Is it still ok to...
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    Gotta keep good records!

    I took over my grandfathers herd last year and have had to sort out a lot of stuff so things have not been quite the way I'd like them to be to say the least. I wasn't as involved this time last year as I should have been but was playing catch up on fixing fence, getting pastures in better...
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    Cool story

    Not anybody from on here was it? I like these kind of stories. ... 1441541267
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    How does this tub compare?

    Just wondering how these tubs I've been using compare to the bigger brands. Pick them up local and been using them for a few years and cows seem to do ok on them. Keep them out year round, they get grass in summer and grass hay in winter and that's it. Other than some steer feed when I need...
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    Starting young

    Thought I should share some pics and get some advice on my daughters first "show" heifer. I'm pretty much new to the whole showing cattle thing myself, spent my life with commercial cattle and never got into the show ring myself when I was younger for whatever reason. I do have some friends...
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    PA Premier Bred Heifer Sale

    Was emailed to me by PA Beef Council, just thought I'd share, hope to go possibly.
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    Separating heifers and bulls

    In the past we've kept replacement heifers in their own lot until ready to breed, giving hay and supplementing with a little grain to help them grow. I'm not too sure the grain was really all that helpful or necessary especially with decent hay. The Bull or Bulls usually gets wintered with the...
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    Old mama with twins

    Have an old mama cow I posted in my newbie thread... Probably over ten years old. She had twin bull calves at the end of April. Calved on her own just fine and has raised two healthy boys. The last few weeks with the heat and nursing both has really pulled her down though. Every time I...
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    Reclaiming fallow ground

    So I've just acquired about 10 acres of ground to lease, long story short the property is a buffer for a local power plant, that I happen to do a lot of contracting work for. Found out they wanted to lease it to someone to farm, presumably to cut down on the amount of ground they pay me to...