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    Diesel Tractor Starting Tips ?

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    Steer Calves Video

    Thank you. Yes, it is mandatory for cattle to have rfid tags when they leave the place of origin.
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    Steer Calves Video

    Yes, it's not good right now. In fact the way cow prices are falling I'm going to hang onto the opens and culls after preg testing and watch the market for awhile. Perhaps after the US election things will settle down.
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    Low water alarm

    The tech has to be out there. In a former life as a civil earthworks consultant I would rent fuel tanks from the bulk fuel suppliers for jobs. These tanks had the ability to order fuel via satellite when the fuel level got to a predetermined level. So I guess the trick is to find out who has the...
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    Steer Calves Video

    By my math they would average about 212 days of age. edit: oops, just realized you were actually asking Ken, sorry
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    Steer Calves Video

    Thank you. My bulls are all either straight Simmental or Simmental x Angus cross. The cow herd is getting to show more of that influence every year but the base was mostly Blonde d'Aquitaine.
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    Oklahoma Tribes Will Open Meat Plants

    Interesting watch.
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    Diesel help

    Electric fuel shut off that needs electricity to keep it open? I'd check battery connections and work out from there.
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    Fall is in the air

    It was 3F here this morning. Had to wait a little while for it to warm up enough to use Ivomec.
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    Steer Calves Video

    Took some video in the heavier calves before they got on the truck. This pen averaged 720 lbs, and all the steers averaged 679 straight through. I pleased enough considering the year.
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    Show your calf pictures.

    Well this calf was one of two that were selected as a 4H steer today, and weighed in at 835 lbs. He was born on March 20 making him 210 days. There was another one picked that weighed 770 lbs. Tomorrow we will be weighing onto the trucks, hopefully the average is respectable.
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    Lets talk hamging weights

    I agree with S.o.B:
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    You will know better than I as you live there, but a quick google search does show a lot of guys that process both game and beef. So I guess they would have the required licensing.
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    That's a good looking chunk of meat right there.
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    He can processes it for you, you just can't legally sell it unless it's an inspected kill / processing.
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    Around here they will hang beef for the appropriate amount of time.
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    How in the world do u get processing right now?

    Is there not even a guy that does game that could take a butchered steer for processing?
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    Hello from S.W. Missouri

    Welcome aboard!
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    Real Handy on the farm

    I can't use pallet forks for bales here. I've tried though.
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    This cow has two quarters and one half.