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    reselling bulls...

    We buy our bulls at registered sales. Usually, we can get a very good bull around $2K - $2.5K (We also picked up a yearling bull once for $1,250). We'll use him a couple of years and have also rented him out when our breeding season is over. We've had good luck at getting most of our money...
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    Our Vet recommends Bovi Shield Gold for our immunization program for our calves.
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    New Pasture Lease

    I personally think that it's a matter of what you want out of the deal. I have two parcels of land I lease. One, it's a simple contract stating that I'm responsible for all fences and that I'll carry liability insurance, the property owner will pay all taxes, amount of lease payment and when...
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    Vintage Angus Sale

    Makes you really wonder how much money is actually being swapped around from farm to farm just to make their sale numbers look good.
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    Embryo options

    Agree with T&B. If you're having to buy embryos, prep the receps, and then pay the embryologist, you're going to have a chunk tied up before the first calf is born. Then, depending on the embryologist and how good he is, you may have a 75% birth rate. I'd seriously look into a good bull...
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    We have so much crabgrass that we have started making baleage with it.
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    Flushing protocol ?

    I would suggest that you contact the embryologist that you will be using so he/she can provide you with the protocol for this procedure. Also, are you proficient at AI or will you have someone to do that for you also?
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    Fly control

    We use Warrior brand fly tags. They will work for approximately 4 months.
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    planting Johnson grass early

    LOL - most in my area try to kill it. I personally would plant something else other than JG if I were going to the expense and trouble.
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    How much protein do I need to feed.

    Agree with you TB. I was mainly commenting to the issue with the bulls of the original post.
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    How much protein do I need to feed.

    Higher protein is not for weight gain. The key to weight gain is carbs and fat. Think about it - if you wanted to go on a diet, you'd cut out the carbs and fat. Protein is critical in diets but it is not the factor in weight gain.
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    Vitamins for beef cattle.

    Agree with Lucky.
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    Embryo Pricing???

    I can't see myself paying that kind of money for an embryo. Too much risk for me. I've actually never seen any priced that high. $100 - $200 is the highest I've seen at sales.
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    Preparing heifers for AI

    Heifers are a pain to AI in my opinion. We no longer try to use heifers unless we have one that is a phenom and has great numbers.
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    CANCELLED - CANCELLED - We Got tired of hearing that, so

    Great job Jeanne!! It's time we get things going. This fiasco has gone on too long.
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    Flipping a few cows/heifers

    This depends on where the buyer is in relation to you. Personally, if I were to purchase cows from you, I would expect you to deliver without a charge. I wouldn't expect this if we were hundreds of miles away but if we were across the county or within 50 miles, I would expect you to deliver.
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    Certain registered folks aren't posting their sale results

    Yes, agree with the comment on a good marketing department. And, it seems that they hit the sale date at a good time way before the virus hit. It may not have made a difference with SAV but here in GA and SC, a lot of sales are already being postponed and moved to later dates. Not sure how...
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    Buying a farm

    Consider yourself lucky. Going over your numbers and all your facts, I think you'd have a hard time making this work. Start a little smaller and make sure with all that's going on that you can make those payments and still live comfortably.
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    What protein feed would you choose.

    Why spend money on extra protein when it's not needed? Too much protein is a waste of money. If you're wanting to fatten up your calves, they need more fat/carbs - not protein. Review your feed ingredients wherever you purchase your feed. Look for the fat content in the feed versus the...
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    38% cubes

    If you're trying to add weight to your cattle, they need more fat and or carbs than they do protein. If you observe the cow pies your cattle produce, you can tell if they have enough protein in their diet or not. I can't see the need for this type of feed. If it's cottonseed and you're...