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  1. grand chaser09

    dead calf.

    ive been mia for awhile due to college, family, cattle, and rodeos. i used to mainly post on the show board. This was my cows second calf and she was bred to one of our simmi bulls who has always thrown a low bw calf. her last calf was a dr.who[low bw bull] and he cam out about 75lbs. i'm not...
  2. grand chaser09

    looking for....

    roping calves. anywhere from 50-75$ a head. need to be in south east washington state. anywhere in between the tri cities to ellensburg. pm me if you know of any i'm looking for a friend of mine. thanks!
  3. grand chaser09

    bull calf.

    give me all of your honest oppinions good bad i have got to figure out what i'm goign to do with this guy. He's right at 6 months old out of a WMW cow and a yellow simmi bull. he his is with mom[darla] about 3 months old here he is about 5 months old and here he is on 7/24 at 6 months old...
  4. grand chaser09

    Meet Hazel

    our new qh mare. she's almost 4 and greenbroke. does cattle work and we plan on putting a barrel pattern on her soon. not sure how well she is with cattle but we will know tomorrow wen we got to the pasture to ride around.
  5. grand chaser09

    looking for a show heifer.

    i am looking for a good show heifer that is any age. preferalbly able to show asap. i am located in south west florida. i can trade if your willing i have 2 mossy oak cows. one with a calf on her side and the other bred to a yellow fleck simmi bull we own. i can send genetics if you want to see...
  6. grand chaser09

    my newest addition

    meet bently my 6 month old boston terrier. he's really smart and mom has spoiled him rotton. he doesn't really like to be dressed up though haha. i took this 2 days ago he was really mad about this one when i first got him the bone is as big as he is.
  7. grand chaser09


    today ws my last official day of high school. it's so strange... i don't have to get up at 5 in the morning anymore. now i get to sleep in till 6:30!! :lol: it seems so surreal; i still don't believe its happining. graduation is on the 7th; i cant wait. i've been looking forward to this day...
  8. grand chaser09

    senior prom && box

    well my senior prom was saturday. we all had a blast i figured i'd post a few pics because most people never get to see me all cleaned up with out boots on lol. and a quick question.... i have to make a senior box and it has to have a theme to it the example we were given was "what i've...
  9. grand chaser09

    new steer!

    here's my step sisters new steer. hes a september 1st steer ou of paddy o'malley and a maine cow. he's really green and likes to stomp feet[mine was purple for about 2 weeks]. Tell us what you think about him!! be as critical as possible so we can try to make him better!! thanks! ps his name is...
  10. grand chaser09

    not a very talented cook...

    i need something to make my boyfriend when he comes down to my house for his birthday. i can grill and make a few other easy things like mac an cheese. i need a good recipe to make for him. he eats pretty much anything you put infront of him. [and i'm the reason mom keeps the fire extinguisher...
  11. grand chaser09

    new horse.

    i'm borrowing a horse for a rodeo at the end of april and this poor girl needs some tlc. she needs weight and she has been rubbing her belly on palmettos so theres like no hair under there. she's been doing it on her face too. i've heard that burnt motor oil on the spots will make it better and...
  12. grand chaser09

    first of the year!

    i will be selling most of these calves. i think i might keep 2 not sure yet. this is a bull out of black echo[black shamrock son] X full flush daughter the grey and white bull is out of a simmi X whomadewho daughter pure simmi bull heifer simmi X mossy oak daughter and my favorite a...
  13. grand chaser09

    florida hogs

    heres a few pictures of some of the hogs we caught on our old lease. he weighed 315 after bleeding out for 30 min chris they all wanted a pic with the white one. :roll:
  14. grand chaser09

    a few pics

    i figured i'd share a few pictures. me my dad and grampa working our little hanful of cows... actually deciding who to sell haha 2 mommas and a few babies out in the pasture my newest she's soo cute. can't wait to show her this is my steer Baloo. this is baloo right before he tried to...
  15. grand chaser09

    almost there....

    Tomorrow is my show day. I'm very nervous. it's my senior year aka last year at this fair... I have 2 steers this year and my step sister is showing one of them. They've been acting good and listening. But the steer my step sis is showing has a shot at 2 grand champ titles. one for overall show...
  16. grand chaser09

    some people in this world....

    I'm sorry but i have to vent for a second. A few weeks ago my moms cat was attacked by a pitbull. Well, last night it showed up again and our cat made it to the garage before it could get her again. My step dad, Mark, went out to talk to the boy on the 4Wheeler the dog was following and was...
  17. grand chaser09


    i had to make a covered dish for 4H last night soo i decided on Meatballs in the crockpot. all you need is meatballs and 2 bottles of kraft honey bbq sauce. put it all in the crock pot and put it on high for about 2 hours then ste it on low for another 2-3 hours. i was glad it was a hit at 4H...
  18. grand chaser09

    NAIS eartags??

    has anyone else heard of these? do you know if its going to be a law to have them? will you have to put them in show calves ears too?
  19. grand chaser09

    rain maker?

    anyone ever bred to him?? thinking of putting him on 2 of my cows. ones long and tall the other short and stocky... both really wide. what do you think?
  20. grand chaser09

    loosing hair

    both of the steers at the house have been loosing their leg hair. its like its breaking off. and its only "disappearing" form the knee and under the hock down. anything else i could do to grow it back. i put a linement and zoom bloom mix on thier legs tonight. any tips??