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    Red Green Show

    Just curious but who else out there is/was a fan of the red green show? Had an uncle that always watched it and when we visited it was usually on it seemed like. E_b2xIEfj2Y I think its some humor any "Do-It-Yourselfer" can enjoy. "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least...
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    Man vs. Emu

    I sure got a good laugh out of this. Thought some of y'all might appreciate it. I liked the yell he gave before going at him again. FurjpllblYI
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    Your Hardest to Explain Events on the Farm

    Not sure if this thread will get a lot of activity but over spring break I was out with my grandpa again and while we were workin he was talking about how he once had a cow calve and the calf was born dead and then three months later the cow calved again and had a healthy calf. He said he knew...
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    Ya All Will Enjoy This.

    Not bad, kinda informative. Compares grass fed to corn fed a bit. Most of ya all probably already know these facts but just thought I'd share. p_pLy7Gjlww this is the link incase I put the video up wrong
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    Understanding the Credit Crisis This video seemed straight forward to me. I was a guy who didnt know much about it at all so figured if anyone else wanted to understand it a bit better this was a good place to start.
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    Need help fixin Hashbrowns

    My grandma use to make these alot in the morning when we had mash potatoes the night before. Ive tried several times with no luck. She always cooked them in a skillet and Ive tried that with vegetable oil (ended up being really oily) and some butter (they never had that 'hash' to them). Only...
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    American Beef at McDonalds

    Did a bit of research and saw what I got was most likely not legit.. anyone know more than me about where McDonalds buys alot of their beef from?
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    Name your cows to be more profitable.

    I usually chuckle a bit when people talk about naming their cows. Its something we have just never done growin up. Well I thought this article was funny and some of you would enjoy it, maybe I will start to name cattle too: link: ... kemoremilk "Cows...
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    How to stop a cow from jumping over a fence

    We did this a while back and just wanted to share it because it wasn't somethign I would of came up with on my own. While working for my grandpa last summer we had a cow that had gotten into a nasty habit of jumping fences. She was a pretty testy cow that you could tell was always planning her...
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    A Question to Our Members.

    Before being on this website I never realized people were so concerned about different breeds. My experience has always been if its a good beef cow then keep it regardless of breed and most people just refer to them by color rather than breed. I was just curious and wanted to here some...
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    How much should I pay?

    I'm 19. Want to know if im getting a deal or not when we buy beef and what not for a BBQ. I can't remember the prices we played last time but what do most of you pay for (by the pound): Ground Beef: Beef Ribs: Sausage: Chicken Breasts: Sirloin Steak: Brisket: or whatever else you can think...
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    Always Makes me Laugh

    JWymXNPaU7g INcase the video didnt post above. here is the link ... re=related I think this is about the funniest commercial ive ever seen.
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    How Can I cook Ribs?

    My roommate and myself bought some ribs (not a rack they are cut). We are going to marinade them and put them on the grill but alot of recipes online said you have to cook them in the oven for and hour to an hour and a half before you put them on the grill. Anyone know anything about this?
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    Dog Question

    Dual part question here. First is your dog outdoors or indoors/both. Second, My dog lives outside. ocassionally it gets to sleep in the garage when it freezes. But all the other times, rain or shine, it lives out side and just stays outside. My question is my family got togather at my...
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    Good Show with a Funny Episode boy i really enjoyed this. He is a funny guy. At college they had the discovery channel and he was a funny guy to watch. When he reached down to pick up his "persuader" I thought he was just asking for it. okayi dont know how to post a video. Sorry...
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    Mothers..what do ya'll do all day????

    I think that could be my mom. I think one day she just said "from now on everyone cleans up there own messes". It took us a while to catch on but you can only live so long with out putting your dishes in the dish washer. :lol2:
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    Meat of The Future

    Oh boy we will all be out of a job/hobby. I was on Yahoo today and saw this video: PETA offers $1 million for new meat source Its not very hard to find sorry I can't post a link. Basically it is saying they hope by 2012 to "grow" meat in petri dishes in labs instead of using animals. Haha...
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    What's Your Favorite Country/Western Movie?

    I haven't seen to many that I can remember the names to. 3:10 to Yuma was pretty good (of course not the best) and was wondering what you guys (in your infinite knowledge :D ) thought was the best country or western movie?
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    Ranching & Farming of the Future

    What will ranching and farming be like in the future? And more importantly are you ready for it. My grandpa use to castrate his bull calves with a pocket knife and a rope to hold them down. They rode horses to school and pulled their haying equipment with horses. Those days are gone. But my...
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    Country Music

    What particular songs or artists do ya all enjoy?