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    any good mags?

    I know there have been a couple of posts relating to magazines. It seems like some of them were centered around a specific breed. I'm looking for a good magazine that will help me with the basics of raising cattle, but not breed specific. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
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    mountain pic

    Some of the people who responded to my post about identifying the breed of a cow commented on the mountains in the background. So, since I went camping this last weekend, I thought I'd post a decent picture we took of the canyon.
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    any guesses on breed?

    Took a picture of a cow, and am wondering the breed. Any ideas? She is approximately 3 years old, and is the all black cow in the foreground. Thanks for your help.
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    Thoughts on 9-11

    I realized this morning that tomorrow is 9-11, and I started to remember three years ago. I tried to imagine myself in one of the planes, and wondered if I would be the type of person to sit quietly in fear or if I would be the type of person that would try to rally the other passangers to...
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    Breed of dog?

    What is your prefered breed of dog for help on the farm? We just got a yellow lab, purebred, 11 weeks old. We've not really had a dog before, so this will be a new experience for us. Any thoughts on which breeds are good on the farm, and which breeds are good among livestock and other...
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    gestation period and success rates of AI

    We had our cow AI'd last fall (October 21st, to be exact). I had always thought that the gestation period of a cow was about 9 months. Is this correct? Our cow shows no sign of impending delivery. We just raise a few cattle for beef for our family, and this is the first time we have AI'd...
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    Red Poll

    Anyone work with Red Poll cattle? My Grandpa swears by them, but I just haven't heard much about the breed on these boards. If anyone has experience with this breed, or has any comments about the breed, I'd love to hear them. Thanks, - Richard
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    jerky recipes?

    Any good jerky recipes out there? I love beef jerky, but never really been successful at making it. If you have any recipes or tips, let me know. - Richard
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    Bush / Kerry on guns?

    So, how does Kerry feel about gun control and gun rights? How does Bush feel about the same issues? I can imagine how each feels, but have they made any comments or shared their views on the subject? This issue is a big one for me, and I imagine it would be for nearly everyone else on this...
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    With cattle, can you breed a bull to his daughter? When it comes time to replace my heiffer I just want to know if I can keep one of her daughters to breed with the bull, or if I need to get another one.
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    questions about AI

    If I wanted to AI some cows, and wanted particular semen that I had found from a good bull, how do I transport the semen? Do I need special equipment? How do I store the semen until I am ready to have the cow AI'd? Thanks, - rwhite
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    Simmental cross

    What do you think about a maine x simmental cross, or a beefmaster x simmental cross? We've got simmental cows, and are trying to find a decent cross. I'm very new to cattle, so appreciate all comments and suggestions. We don't have a large operation by any means, just a few to keep around...
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    another hobby of mine ...

    I raise just a couple of cows. It is a hobby, one that my kids enjoy and that feeds us as well. Another hobby which takes a bit of my time is dutch oven cooking. I enjoy the smell of cast iron over charcoal, and I enjoy the taste of the food even more. Are there any other dutch oven...
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    interesting book

    Found an interesting book a couple of weeks ago. It was called "Don't squat with yer spurs on; a cowboy's guide to life". The book basically had a bunch of cowboy related, humours one-liners. Anybody seen it? - rwhite