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    More pro Angus statements.

    Sorry to hear this.
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    More pro Angus statements.

    Just for giggles I logged back in. Took me a while. Could not remember password. I think it's been 7 or so years. Still the same arguments over Angus cattle. If they are still here I say hello Doc and hello Dun.
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    3 Straws

    Is it worth using 3 straws? I had 45% conception this year as compaird to 60% last year. Same cows and same AI technician. Semen is getting high on some bulls. I wanted to use Crossover 14509685. Semen 60 and 40 dollar certs.
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    Valbazen and dung beattles???

    The lable on the product should say. IF not contact Pfizer.
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    de-wormer prices$$$

    Take an egg count befor and after the use of that generic and see if it really was worth it.
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    Electric fence

    My question is what is your favorite brand of charger? I find most are good but stay away from a Zeraba. They seem a little weak for the distance they are described to cover.
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    Priefert squeeze chute

    This is what I have. Really like it. IMO one can not have enough panels.
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    Longhorn-Angus cross

    Yes. That is what I called my polled longhorns. You can breed te horns off in one genration but the spots will always be there. These were some of the first cattle I ( did not want to) bred when my wife and I first got married. We soon whent Reg. Angus only. Profit soon followed. Sorry Bill.
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    Wehrmann Angus Sale

    Yes I am going to the sale. I now own the cow of Lot 177. Have bought one bull out of the sale. he was from a COOP herd.
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    ND Angus

    Have you ever had problems with being long to the point of breaking behind the shoulders. I have an 8180 daughter out of an EXT cow that does. About half of her calves are this way. Seem like they are so long they bend.
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    Wehrmann Angus Sale

    I have been to Wehrmann's sale once and IMO the sale with Donnell bulls are better. He brings some of his best to Texas.
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    New Cow

    14091730. Will get pictures when she comes home. Has an Precision 1023 bull calve at side and confirmed safe to Corona.
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    Evans Farms

    Sale is this Sat. at 1PM. Some preatty good cattle.
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    Cooking bacon

    Fork. Never cook bacon naked. :shock:
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    Refinery Explosion in Texas

    I was told they were only running a skeleton crew do to Presidents day. News reports say it was a gas leak. They do make tons of roadway asphalt but all other product also. Was e-mailed pictures of a lady and her car. The plant is right on I-20. It had the windshield blown out and pushed...
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    One could try and lease a bull. Profit Maker Genetics has a lese sale every year. You get a bull, use it and they take it back. Sometimes it cost alot to do this but it is an option.
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    It's not ALWAYS the cow's fault!

    Could not agree more on testing hay. Who is to know how much the nitrate levels are. Easy in my rea to get them high. Second, minerals are cheap. To not have a good mineral out is stupid.
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    Stars of Texas sale

    I think she was 39. Heifer by BC Marathon. Do you two remeber what she brought.
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    Hot Angus Bulls

    Try some OCC or Jauer genetics. Maybe jsut maybe this bull. 13560373 Old school at its best.