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    tetanus vaccination

    Good Morning. Hope everyone is out enjoying Labor Day celebrations! I have a question about tetanus vaccination. We used the one shot Alpha CD product this year for tetanus prevention. We are getting ready to band our calves and have always given a second dose just prior to banding. I'm feeling...
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    Chore boots

    Wishing everyone blessings in the New Year! I need to pick your brains a bit, LOL! We've always worn Tingley boots out at the barn, however, the hub's knees are not what they used to be and, by the end of the day, he's pretty miserable. Anyone have any recommendations for chore boots with...
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    120V diesel transfer pump

    Hello Everyone, I haven't posted in years, but still read and learn faithfully! Got a question. Santa wants to bring the mister a 120V diesel transfer pump for Christmas. We are not a big operation - it would probably get used once a week, and a bit more during planting/harvest season. I've been...
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    Grazing cattle on corn shucks

    Happy Halloween everyone! I'm sitting here with a full basket of candy and no trick-or-treaters so far. Of course, the one year I didn't buy candy, we had a bunch of kids come. Such is rural life! I've got a question for anyone in the know. We're short on pasture this year because of the...
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    Vaccine Question

    What is all y'alls policy on keeping an open multi-dose vaccine bottle? I always seem to have a few doses left and hate to throw them away. Can you keep these till the expiration date, or does that change once you've opened the vial? If so, how long could you reasonably keep them around...
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    Insulating a well house

    Good morning everyone, Hope this finds everyone healthy and looking forward to Christmas! I need some ideas for insulating a well house. Several years ago, we used styrofoam board when we revamped our back well house. We now have a disgusting, smelly, mouse hotel with 5 inches of styrofoam...
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    2 questions for everyone

    Once again I find myself coming to you all for advice! 1. Anyone ever had problems with squirrels chewing holes in hard plastic water tanks? Never had this problem in the years (going on 11 now) that we've had cattle, but 6 months ago something began chewing the heck out of 2 of our tanks...
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    Mirafount waterer and horses

    Hi all I posted this on the horse board too - just thought I'd see if anyone here had any input. Does anyone have any experience with using a Mirafount ball type waterer in a horse pasture? We recently installed a double so that it spans 2 pastures (one for cattle, one for horses). We have...
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    Mirafount waterer and horses

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience with using a Mirafount ball type waterer in a horse pasture? We recently installed a double so that it spans 2 pastures (one for cattle, one for horses). We have only one horse at the moment and she doesn't seem to have figured out how to use it. The...
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    cattle digestion and....twine string!

    Good morning all, Several years ago, an older vet described 3 post mortems he'd done where balled up twine string had killed the cows, so we've always been extra careful to remove all twine before placing bales in our hay racks. This morning I was out feeding and noticed one of our heifers...
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    Major calving disaster

    Hi all, Thought I'd run this by you for comments/advice. Checked on 5 year old easy calver this am. She wasn't due for 12 more days, but had her tail slightly cocked and a good sized strand of mucous. Brought her up to the barn for closer observation. Checked her hourly. Never saw her...
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    Fence post paint

    We were in Kentucky last week and I noticed lots of fence looked like it was painted with a black, almost tarry looking stuff. Anyone know what it might be? We're getting ready to start a big fence project and I want it to be the last one I ever have to undertake! What do you all recommend...
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    Hello all - it's been a while since I've posted, but I come here to read and learn several times each week. Thank you to all of you who share you expertice so generously! I have a 3 month old calf I've been treating for coccidiosis (Albon, Nuflor, lytes and finally Corrid as he wasn't...
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    Dry Heifer?

    Hi all, Had to pull a bull calf (failure to progress) out of a heifer 72 hours ago. Both calf and mom seem fine except mom doesn't seem to be making any milk. The calf is on her all the time, she's well fed and hydrated, we've tried warm towels on her udder and finally hit her with some...
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    baleage question

    Good morning all, Last year we fed baleage for the first time. It worked great - we used some of my bro-in-laws first cutting alfalpha and the stuff smelled lovely when opened. This year we bailed our own fescue/timothy/clover combo. We just opened our first 2 bails Friday and man oh man, it...
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    'nother question!

    Morning all, Now for today's Cattle 101 question. I've been reading the "prolapse" thread and keep seeing comments about eared cattle. Don't know of any breed that doesn't come with ears, so what does this refer to? As always, thanks for your willingness to share with a dummy like me! :D
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    Got a question

    Happy Friday Everyone, I keep seeing the term F1 on the board. You guys will probably think I just fell off the turnip truck, but what does this mean? :oops: Humbly yours,
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    It's all in the perspective

    True story. We were at our county fair a few weeks ago. It was the evening following our beef show and I looked at my girls (ages 14 and 13) with some dismay. We'd had lots of friends stop by to say hello and there my girls sat, sprawled in their chairs, playing their umpteenth game of cards...
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    cattle dog training

    Good evening all, Does anyone have any experience with cattle dog training? We have a wonderful Border Collie named Flip that we've been working with. He is so smart and does a great job with the cattle except if they get to running when he's bringing them in. Then he falls apart and wants to...
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    Fence Question

    Hi all, Just a quickie fence question. Does anyone have any experience with vinyl fence and cattle? Our big barn sits directly across the road from our house and needs new fence. The white vinyl stuff sure looks nice and seems like it's relatively easy to maintain, but how practical is it? I...