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    Cow won't breed

    I have a five year old cow on great body condition. Raising a great calf. She was So and didn't take (not a huge deal) 3 weeks later the bull inseminated her. 3 weeks later back in heat. 3 weeks later another heat. She is only cow who is still open as bull already bred everyone else. Any...
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    Bull with lump at injection site

    We administered antibiotics to a bull on Tuesday. We gave it IM in the neck region. Yesterday I noticed he had a large lump on the side of his neck around the area of the injection site. It was a larger dosage of antibiotics but we broke it up only putting small amounts in a certain site, but...
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    Bull with sore lower leg

    I have a 2100# bull who came up limping Sunday morning. He was fine Saturday evening, but Sunday morning was slow and favoring his hind right leg. He was still getting around, but clearly in some pain as when he would stand still to eat he would hold his back right hoof on its tip. So I assumed...
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    Bottle calves have runs

    I will preface this by saying that I have next to no experience with bottle babies at all. I let momma do all the work. But this year, do to a few sets of surviving twins. I have two bottle baby heifers. They are 10-14 days old and are being fed milk replacer of 1.5 quart 3 times per day. They...
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    Abortion issue

    We have had two cows abort in the last week. We do not have a large herd so this is really odd and hurts a lot. The first was due in February and aborted twins, the second was AI bred due in January and I just found the calf today. No physical abnormalities. These two cows are in separate...
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    injured cow

    We have a nice 3 year old cow slip and go down while being mounted by our bull yesterday. She is limping pretty bad, but I can't tell exactly whats wrong with her. Unfortunately our entire pasture is mud and she is having trouble getting around in it. I'd like to move her and her 3 month old...
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    Got my hereford Ai sires picked out for this year

    We are getting ready to AI on Monday. Have everyone synced and primed to come in heat that day. Selecting bulls to mate with certain cows is one of my favorite things to do. This year we are going to be using: Msu TCF Revolution 4R Mohican Excede BEHM 100W Cuda KCF Bennett Revolution X51 and KJ...
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    Some days i could do without.

    Went down to the barn today to find one of our our top cows dead this morning. She was fine yesterday and dead this morning. To top it all off she was pregnant to a top ai sire. These are days I could do without.
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    Runny poop in calves.

    This year has been a tough one for us regarding bacterial scours. There are 4 calves who got scours at a young age. They were lethargic and weak. The vet treated them, and tested the stool and it came back that it was not viral but bacterial. After treating those four calves they seemed to...
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    sore newborn

    Had a heifer born yesterday morning. Healthy heifer out of a first time heifer, up and nursing. Checked her in the afternoon and she was flat on her side with her mom laying on her back legs. I got her up really quick and the heifer jumped up, so I assumed everything was fine. This morning she...
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    Dead calf, Don't know why

    Was out checking calves today and found a 5 month old heifer dead in the pasture. She was perfectly healthy and yesterday was running around and nursing. I checked her out and she had not been attacked. She had also been wormed. Having a vet come out to check her out, but any thoughts?
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    AI yourself?

    We have been using Select Sires as our ai techs for the last few years, but due to the number of Dairy farms closing around us they are shutting down our area. We are considering taking a class and learning how to ai ourselves. I was wondering how many on here did their own ai'ing and how much...
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    When to Lute heifer

    We recently bought a 15 month old heifer. She was exposed to a bull, but we do not know if she is bred. We would like to Lute her just to clear her and eventually AI her. We would protocol her using the 7 day Cidr protocol with GNrH and Lutalyse. My question is would it clear her when we do the...
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    calf with scratched eye

    I have a two month old calf who seems to have scratched his eye. There is a fair amount of watering. I made sure it is not pinkeye as I have seen several cases like that and this does not fit that description. This has a small blue line from the top of the eyeball to the bottom. I believe he...
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    Strange one today

    We had a calf born last night that had something on its mouth. I thought it was afterbirth so I went to clean it off and it was bleeding. Figured this few hour old calf had maybe stumbled into the fence or something similar and cut its mouth open. Called the vet up and he determined that it was...
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    ai sire process

    Just wondering what the process is to draw semen from a bull. Do you use a vet or a semen company? Does anyone on here have semen drawn from their bulls and do you market it? If so how and what is the process that you use?
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    Snow in spring

    We were building fence, getting the spring pasture ready for the pairs and now all the snow hits. Already have over a foot with up to another foot expected. Thus March in Pennsylvania, 58 degrees Monday and over a foot of snow today. :roll:
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    Dang weather

    This weather has really put a hurting on our young calves. Treating two sick ones today. A lot of scours and wheezing. 32 degrees here Wednesday, 72 degrees yesterday, 49 degrees today with rain, and two inches of snow being called for tomorrow, with it supposed to be 75 by mid week. Tough for...
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    Down calf

    We have had a very good calving season so far with very healthy calves. However, We had a heifer born on Friday. I happened to be there when she calved and the calf was up and nursing within half an hour of birth. Saturday she was running around and seemed very healthy. Sunday morning same...
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    Had a little time on my hands yesterday

    Got off work early yesterday and had a little time after evening feedings. So took this heifer in the heifer pen and dressed her up for the Olympics :lol: Kind of a good PR move I guess. (At least that was the intention. LOL.)