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    Crab grass hay

    Crab grass hay baled in the fall . Would any one know what the protein would be ? Will be feeding it to fall calves . Thanks rj .
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    why do we feed supplement ?

    Please explain why supplement is needed in a cow calf operation. I'm feeding around 4 lb. corn and free choice , mature headed out fescue/OG hay. Do to poor hay making conditions. I'm also adding supplement ,top dressed with the corn . Just question why its needed . When I write the check the...
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    Can you name this weed

    Ive called it a sticker weed . Growing in pasture and around where hay was feed. Google sticker weed that to generic . Wanting to spray to kill also to prevent next year. Plant has one stem, many branches ,plant get large and stickers in stem . Blooming now. I know pics would help sorry.Thanks rj
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    Baler purchase

    I'm interested in getting a different baler before next season. Would like the option of net wrap and twine . A 4x5 would be preferred . A JD or NH dealers in the area. My question when a baler has x amount of bales ,baled. When should a person pass on that baler. I'm having a hard time...
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    Checking out New Holland TN75D

    Going to check out a 2004 TN75D Tuesday . This tractor has 2275 hrs. cab, mfwd. and loader. Looking for real life experience good or bad . Hows the cab and air conditioner. Plan to use it on a 617 NH disk mower and Gehi 4x5 baler. Any info would be great !! Thanks in advance rj.
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    Need hay feeder to creep feed calves

    Any recommendation on a good feeder to use ? Wanting to feed 4 x 5 bales of OG hay. The feeders I use for the cows the calves get inside ruin a lot of hay . Thought I would try a cradle type . Has any one tried these type of feeders ? thank you rj
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    fast hitch with NH 716 disk mower

    Has any one used a fast hitch to hook up to this disk mower ? My 5610s doesn't" have extendable arms and the mower can be difficult to hook up . Thanks for your help rj
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    New to me pasture

    Picked up 5 ac. looking forward to turning it around . Needs some TLC . Fescue , weeds and a few Multflora rose . Think I'll bushhog close ,asap .Then give a good dose of fertilizer .( 75-46-90 ) Not sure about spraying, that's what it needs . But the field is at the edge of town . Any other...
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    pricing sisal 16000 ft.

    I've been pricing baller twine . 42.00 per bale in the best I've found so far. Bought for 38.00 last year. Anyone else pricing ? rj
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    heifer in heat

    I have a angus heifer that has been in heat three time since Dec. . For what ever reason she wont settle . So here's my question . If she was sterile due to being a twin would she come in heat ? And any Ideas why she would not settle . This heifer was bought at the sale barn a year ago...
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    Clipping pasture

    Asking for your thoughts. I clip a pasture just a head of the rain today. Pasture is mostly fescue grass but had a lot of weeds as well . Should I see good regrowth from the grass ? Pasture was fertilized early spring with 60 lb. of actual N. . Pasture also has some white clover growing in it...
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    Water Rights Lease

    I pasture, spring thru fall 12 fall calving cows . Pasture has a small pond for them to run to. I hauled water July and August last year. Ok now the question : Neighbor across the road has a pond they use for recreation . I would like to pull water from their pond vs. hauling . I'm sure they...
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    How are you moving equipment

    Asking how you move equipment between fields . I have 9 small fields of hay that I bale stretching over a 10 mile run . Mostly along a rural highway. Wife was able to help a lot last season . She's working out town this year and won't be near as available this year . Mowing ,tedding , raking...
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    When to bale

    The fescue in our area is ready to cut for the best quality. We have had major rain in our area and raining now. I'm guessing it could be two weeks if it stopped raining before we could start making hay . My question . Would it make better quality hay to bush hog very high to mow off the stem ...
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    Any one composting ?

    Just asking a few questioning. A little history. This is hay that is wasted around hay ring . I've piled it over the winter . I dug into it Thursday evening really wet not much composting going on . #1 How do I get the process of composting started . #2 How long should it take ? Thanks Rj
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    Streaming 28 percent on hay ground

    Has any one tried this ? It is being applied on wheat this way in this area . I'm asking because the coop did a poor job spreading dry/urea last year . Thinking hoping to get a better application with liquid . Thanks rj
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    Fertilizer prices

    Local Co-op 0-0-60 360.00 , 18-46-0 465.00 , 45-0-0 351.00. . They are recommending 200 potash , 100 diamouiam phosate , 150 urea . Shooting for 4 ton of fescue per acre . May not be enough fertilizer to cover what the crop will use but close. I think I could buy hay cheaper . What are you...
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    Is it big enough ?

    I have a NH 5610s 65hp pto. Will it have enough horse power to run a case rs551/Hesston 855 baler. These balers bale a 5x5 bale. Thank you .
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    2nd cutting

    Do most folks take a 2nd cutting of grass hay in your area ? We've had a wetter than normal growing season .The first cutting was baled way late due to having to much rain . Made 2nd cutting today . Weather this week looks great for making hay. This hay should be much better quality . rj
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    hard core or soft core baler

    Please explain the difference between the two. I'm guessing the hard and soft is self explanatory . What I'm asking as far a quality of bale each make. Will hay keep better with one than the other . I'm thinking I might buy a baler before next hay season . Trying to learn all I can . Thanks rj