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    Best heirloom seeds for N Central Texas

    I am wanting to plant heirloom seeds this year. All y'all from my area, what has been your experience and recommendations? Maters, taters, beans, squash, okra black eyed peas, peppers. May not do beans this year as I have been disappointed in the past couple of seasons with those. And have any...
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    Texas Boy's and Girl's

    Got good rains last week. Filled up all the ponds. If only it would last through summer.
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    "interesting day at work" or "what would you have done"

    My husband is in the mobile home business. He says he would rather the homeowner not be there when work is done. I mean leveling a mobile can involve the use of sledge hammer and some really long screws. If the owner is there to see that they don't understand what's happening. He has one...
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    The dumb things people say!

    That looks horrible!
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    Book reccomendation part II

    Half Broke Horses is good. I read it about this time last year. The Help is good. Heck, I am a librarian and I can't think of anything right now... The Language of Flowers is good. I read a lot of young adult stuff. Making The Rounds With Oscar is good. Not a new book. I like non fiction. Just...
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    Food for a hangover

    My last hangover was unintentional but I don't think anyone sets out to get one. But exercise? In that state? Maybe running to the toilet...
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    Dec 7 1941

    My dad drooped out of high school in 1942 to enlist and served as a glider mechanic in Europe. He has lost a lot of his memories now, so I remember for him. I grieve for those who died and I celebrate those who served. What a terrible and wonderful time to be alive! Now, we are losing The...
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    Food for a hangover

    Gag me, that's what my husband does! How the he77 can you eat that? Two Tylenol pm's and lots of fluids. And carbs, bagels in particular. Haven't had one since the time I lost my glasses in the Gulf.
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    Texas HS football

    Yeah, Alvarado is going to State! We beat Henderson 35 to 13. We play Tyler Chapel Hill Friday night at Cowboys Stadium. So proud of those boys.
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    Utah Duck Hunter Shot in Butt

    :D accident? I think not. We all need to be nicer to our dogs now cause I am convinced they get online while we aren't looking.
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    Educational e-mails

    Great. I needed to use the bathroom...
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    Could I ask for some prayers,please..

    Peg, it is really worth looking into. It isn't just for when passing is near. She has an illness that is likely terminal. Hospice will provide things like hospital beds, wheelchairs, other adaptive equipment that she may need, and most of all, support. A chaplain, nurses that can come in to...
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    Another Road Kill

    I agree. Looks. more like an elk. My husband thought it was freaky looking, too.
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    Could I ask for some prayers,please..

    I trust that Hospice is aboard? They were so very helpful when my mom was passing. We used Alpha Omega and they were fantastic. Followed up with me for a full year afterward. Medicaid will pay for it fully. And I trust she is on Medicaid at this point. Fighting cancer is extraordinarily...
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    Second hand lions

    If you thought The Help was a good movie, the book is far and away better. I'm a librarian. Trust me! ;-)
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    Birthday ??

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    Texas HS football

    I actually icalled a radio station last year and reminded them that Southlake is NOT the only high school around.
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    Second hand lions

    It is a good little movie. The scenery is grand.
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    Could I ask for some prayers,please..

    I am so sorry. I will pray that both of you have strength. Hugs to you both.
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    Texas HS football

    It's Henderson. I think back in Corsicana. I think we are both undefeated. Thing that has chapped me a little is the lack of local tv news coverage. They talked about Stephenville last week. A hundred miles away, and noting about us. I guess we aren't a big enough. There is football in other...