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    woobly (loose) rear end

    doesn't fall.. only problem is in rear end.
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    woobly (loose) rear end

    i've got an otherwise healthy bull yearling with a woobly rear end. he is about 10 months old. he may have had this for sometime but i have only noticed it for about a month.. he can walk run get up and down, but hips will give way from time to time when moving. he doesn't fall just gives way...
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    Mobile Phone Survey

    id use it
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    I have a flyer I'd like to post but I am too illiterate to post a photo. I think it will interest all at this site. It was posted on the Tulane University campus. I would appreciate help in posting. Thanks
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    Bez Caustic Dun

    All jobs are govt jobs now.
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    Bez Caustic Dun

    I have worked around a lot of young guys who are very smart, work hard and get things done. Engineers, project managers, foremen, and craftsmen. I just completed a dormitory for Tulane University. The kids who moved in are respectful polite and very smart. My grandkids are much smarter than I...
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    Bez Caustic Dun

    Kids are brighter today than other generations. Also they have a broader education. And plenty of common sense.
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    Warning about B&B scales

    i ordered a kit from the new jersey group today. hope they work well. any suggestions or tips?
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    Starting A Farm from scratch.

    what did you do in the service?
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    Treated lumber

    lowes and home depot sell a 5/4 x6x 16 good treated corral board for under $10.00
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    I don't feel so bad about my spelling

    I could use a good hole seam my self..
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    Blood based cattle pregnancy check kit advice/experiences?

    where do you draw blood from? i tried to get it from under the tail and, by myself, it was difficult...
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    best mail order vet supplies

    i like Jeffers
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    Ideal Pasture

    I have a small infestation of thistle after the DOT did some grading and sowed the ROW with grass seed that was filled with thistle seed. Thankfully its only in one field and I've been able to spot spray it. Started with maybe 1000 plants and I've seen about 40 this year that I'll treat shortly...
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    Can I make money buying a ranch

    yes you can... and i have the ranch for you... buy my ranch and i will tell you how to make a million dollars on it.
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    Metal building vs Wood building

    if cost is not an issue metal is better. Any interior finish installed on a wood barn can be installed on a metal barn. When you say "metal" do you mean metal structure or metal siding? Even with steel structure a slab is not necessary to build the barn. Footings at each column are all that...
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    bull confirmation

    my particular interest is in the toe-out of hooves and how much it causes the distance between the knees to narrow. Also the relationship between knees and shoulders.. still learning........
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    Figuring profit per cow

    i answer all the questions my account ask me. and she tells me how much the farm made..
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    bull confirmation

    thanks.. very helpful..
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    bull confirmation

    i'm looking for a photo of the front end of a bull. From straight on, looking into the bull's front end. Know a link, or have a photo? I'd like to see it, especially the legs, and how they relate to feet, chest, knees, ect. thanks and happy new year...