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    Lost a heifer .

    Yesterday evening the wife noticed one of our heifers acting funny .. we were outside boiling crawfish when she saw her pacing and balling .. problem is she was only 13 months old . She never swelled up on the backend and yesterday was the first signs of bag swelling. She tried for about an...
  2. J

    Had to bring a calf home..

    Twin bull calves I guess momma didn't want both of them. I need to put a box in my truck .he peed in the seat.
  3. J

    Sold a few steers

    Average weight was 450 lbs . Average price was 149.51 heaviest was 575 brought 747.50 /1.30 lb . Lightest 345 lbs brought 526.13 / 1.525 lb Black wf averaged 20 c a lb more than the red wf . On my calves .. I'm disappointed in the light calves .. as the 450 to 525 calves brought as much or...
  4. J

    Sale barn price question.

    Where do the sale barns get their starting price.. I'd like to know what to expect other than them saying price is up a nickel or down a nickel . Do they use feeder cattle price from the market report ? If so is that price set on a 500 steer. I know this is something I should know but I always...
  5. J

    Fence charger trouble

    My parmak fence charger stopped working . It's getting power . When you unplug it and plug it back in the output numbers light up 0.0 then just the point stays on . And it doesn't click . I checked the wire connection and ground . Any other ideas ?
  6. J

    California banned new gun sales today! Who votes for these people ?
  7. J

    300 blackout

    I'm thinking about getting the 300 blackout . I plan on hunting hogs with it . Shooting the subsonic 220 grain . With the suppressor . Anyone have experience with this gun ?×35mm)
  8. J

    Father shoots drunk driver after he runs over his sons . ... 270089.php
  9. J

    Manpower vs. womanpower

    Not all men are created equal either . So you can actually break this down until your blue in the face . I just don't see the point .
  10. J

    rumesin questions?

    I've never really been one to supplement my cows other than protein tubs... But with the amount of hay and quality of this years hay I am thinking of supplementing to stretch the hay .. I read that rumesin can add up to 10% better utilization of forage .. has any one used it for cows and also...
  11. J

    call of the wild man ....

    As anyone watched this show? It's on the animal planet.. guy from Kentucky with 4 teeth catching animals with his hands ... It's so stupid its funny ...
  12. J

    joe pa

    Just heard on the local news Penn st. Wants him to step down over the child molestation charges on the ex d. C. Any one hear this...
  13. J

    new hog huntimg show..

    I guess u can make a dollar at just about anything ...
  14. J

    leaving for gainsville in the morning...

    I'm headed over to the Florida / Bama game tomorrow .. I can't wait should be a great game.. I can't believe game day passed this game by for Nebraska / Wisconsin .. ill be in baton rouge next weekend for Florida/ lsu maybe they will show up there....go gators ....
  15. J

    i hate leasing land......

    We haven't had enough rain to make hay this year . I leased a 70 acre place that was supposed to be a coastal hay field . I looked at it during the winter last year. Saw some Bermuda but it had been cut the year before .I ask why they didn't want to lease to the previous guy and they told me he...