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  1. spoon

    power adjust rim

    I need to replace one of the rear rims on the ole David Brown 880. It has the power adjust style rims on the back. They are pricey! Is it possible to convert to a different style rim? It just came apart yesterday so I need to start finding a replacement tomorrow. Thanks.
  2. spoon

    cowboy replavcement? ... =2&theater
  3. spoon

    craigslist bull

    Not mine and I don't know anything about the bull. I just enjoy reading what everybody says about Craigslist bulls so I thought I'd post the link. :D
  4. spoon


    Remember my neighbors in your prayers. Their house (log home) just burned to the ground this morning. In fact it is still smoldering. He used to have a dairy but just couldn't make any money any more and is hauling cattle for a living now. I hope he had insurance.
  5. spoon

    the board gathering

    A good while back there was plans afoot to have a gathering of some of the people of this forum. If I remember correctly Wisteria Farms was planning on hosting it? Somewhere along during the planning stages I got distracted and just stopped using this forum for some reason and I forgot all about...
  6. spoon

    4 H

    Well the grandson and I attended our first 4 H meeting this week and he is really excited about the possibility of showing a calf. With the local ag fair coming up in a scant couple of months we are going to just keep going to meetings and learning this year and aim at actually showing a calf...
  7. spoon

    electric fence wire

    I'm finally about ready to put up some electric fence and was wondering about the wire of choice. I'm looking at 17 gauge aluminum and 16 gauge high tensile steel. This will be semi permanent fencing. One thing I have read is that the aluminum fence can't be rolled up and reused, not sure about...
  8. spoon

    grounding an electric fence

    I know from reading that 3 eight ft ground rods properly spaced are recommended for grounding the fence. My problem is that I don't think we have over 2-3 feet of dirt where I need to put this fence up. The whole place sits on top of sandstone with a cliff along one side. So can the ground rods...
  9. spoon

    Ky State Fair

    It starts tomorrow. Anyone showing cattle there this year? I'll be there next weekend roaming around the barns and wanted to know who to look for.
  10. spoon

    info for beginners

    Here is a link to an article about getting into the cattle business that pretty much sums up a lot of the info that I have read here posted by many different people. It's pretty general but quite informitive. It's also kinda long but worth the read I believe for those thinking about getting...
  11. spoon

    cattle joke

    Bud was overseeing his herd in a remote mountainous pasture in California when suddenly a brand new BMW came out of a dust cloud towards him. The driver, a young man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, RayBan sunglasses and a YSL tie leans out the window and asks the cowboy, "If I tell you exactly...
  12. spoon

    grazing cornfield

    My neighbor raised a couple acres of corn for silage on my place this year and we had a bad storm come through and mash a lot of the corn down so bad that they couldn't cut it. There is a lot of corn laying on the ground. I'm in the process of buying a steer off a guy to feed out for the...
  13. spoon

    fence question

    So I'm trying to divide up this 20 acre field. I need to make a corner and the dirt is only about 10 to 12 inches deep down the entire length of the field on one side so I can't use wood posts. Anyone got a neat trick for making a strong corner with T posts?
  14. spoon

    You're not gonna

    believe this. We have 3 flowering crabapple trees in the corner of the front yard and they are blooming. In Sept. Go figure. :roll: I've never seen a tree bloom in Sept before.
  15. spoon

    My fine feathered friend

    This little baby bird watched me mow the yard the other day and never moved even when I got within a couple of feet. It was only about 3 foot off the ground. It finally flew away, a few feet at a time, when I got too close taking it's picture. Anyone know what kind of bird it might grow up to be?
  16. spoon


    Found this add this morning. NOT MINE. I thought someone might be interested. I don't know anything about the hay or person offering it.
  17. spoon

    late Christmas present

    Yesterday my mother and I were cleaning some of her old stuff out of the basement of the house she used to live in. She lived there for 49 years. My youngest daughter is living there now and wants the stuff out so she can use the basement for her stuff. Anyway, we came across a Christmas...
  18. spoon


    I'm getting ready to purchase a new gas grill. There a a couple that I like but I have a question. Does anyone know how an infrared rotisserie works as opposed to a flame one? Which works better? Help!!
  19. spoon


    I'm getting ready to purchase a new gas grill. There a a couple that I like but I have a question. Does anyone know how an infrared rotisserie works as opposed to a flame one? Which works better? Help!!
  20. spoon

    foreign beef

    I was making a pickup at a local place today that makes heat and serve diet meals. While I was waiting on the guy to find the paperwork I wandered over to the doors to the freezer to see what I could see since they were open. Inside was stacks of pallets of boxed beef from Brazil. I asked the...