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  1. bbirder

    Home rent prices are unreal.......

    Those of you that have the desire to stay in the rental business should move from residential to commercial property. Your customers have some stake in the game. Once a business is established, they want to keep the same address and keep it maintained. Write a strong lease and warn them up front...
  2. bbirder

    My future baling crew

    Well done!
  3. bbirder

    The way it was.

    Hurley Our Memories run along the same lines and I would wish the same for my grandchildren, but I'm afraid those memories will die` with us. I often think that we lived in the greatest generation. We saw the industrial revolution transform the way we lived without stopping our freedoms...
  4. bbirder

    trouble in the land

    GB, Is the drought that bad that the deer are coming in to drink?
  5. bbirder

    Daily Chuckle

    Happy Independence Day
  6. bbirder

    Worth the wait

    Congratulations TC, We'll make 53 years tomorrow Got a whole household to help celebrate with us. They have been here for two days and will probably stay until wed morning. Then we relax until next year!
  7. bbirder

    Daily Chuckle

    saw this in field
  8. bbirder

    Moved and have tentatively opted to change my whole life..

    Thats commonly called a diving pool. Think they have made the boards against the law to install any longer. Here's a math problem for you. Calculate how many yards of fill sand or dirt it will take to backfill and create a garden. Keep that answer handy because you will think seriously about...
  9. bbirder

    Moved and have tentatively opted to change my whole life..

    Just looked back at the picture of your pool. Was that a diving pool with a deep end? If so the G3 may not work for you. Hope you find something that works because if you have to clean it manually, you just thought you cussed those beavers. It will attract relatives tho! Lol. Hope you and your...
  10. bbirder

    Moved and have tentatively opted to change my whole life..

    GB, I've used a Zodiac G3 for years. Mine runs year round and I replace it every 2-3 yrs. Works well if you don't have steps or ladder in your pool. They state it will work around steps but I have to occasionally jump start it out of the corner by steps.
  11. bbirder

    Cell Phone

    You must work at Formosa. BIL lives in Point Comfort.
  12. bbirder

    Brahma mama, Whats it worth?

    You ain't been kicked, til you kicked by a brahma.
  13. bbirder

    Daily Chuckle

  14. bbirder

    Daily Chuckle

    Reminds me of the older gentleman sitting at the hotel bar when a 1st class looker slides in next to him. She whispered in his ear, " For 500.00 I'll do whatever you want me to do" The old man looks around then pulls his billfold out of his jacket. He peels off 5 big ones, looks her straight in...
  15. bbirder

    1946 or 1947 family affair

    I recall helping my grandfather bale with a similar baler except it was powered by a Wisconsin single cylinder I believe instead of the horse. I know he could not have afforded such a baler, so I assume he either rented it or traded labor for its use. I was always amazed with the wooden blocks...
  16. bbirder

    Going home

    Sometimes it pays to be "hard headed". Glad you're still with us to relate your story.
  17. bbirder

    Daily Viagra Therapy?

    It's hard to forget certain things!
  18. bbirder

    Disappointing butcher yield

    A butcher like that won't be in business long Does he also have a retail meat market?
  19. bbirder

    Calves newly weaned weight gain

    Jeannie I'm not sure what you mean by WSC corn. I have used crimped corn in the past thinking that passed more to the animal then whole corn before they pass it through. Haven't seen crimped corn mentioned. Wouldn't use cracked corn or what they sell here as cracked corn for chickens.
  20. bbirder


    Faster Horses, i've got you beat by a few months. Turned 77 in December. Sold the last of my cows in the fall. My health is not allowing me to properly care for them and the farm. I had cattle for many years even though I always worked away from the farm. Mostly Angus. Got my start hauling...