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    Case 7120 Magnum

    I have been looking at several different tractors to help take the work load off my other tractor. I am not color blind, so have been looking at everything. Currently I stumbled onto a 1989 Case 7120 Magnum MFWD. Does any have experience with this model? Is so, what's the good, bad, and the...
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    Looking for insight on change over from Cattle to Farming

    I'm looking for some insight from those who have ran cattle for a long time and then for whatever reason sold the cows and just raise hay or whatever. For some insight, my family has never not run cattle. Been as small as 20hd way back in the beginning early days to as many as 250hd. Currently...
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    I am curious if anyone has any experience with Tubeline Equipment especially the BF5000SL round bale feeder/processor. I am looking at changing the way I feed and a dealer has a used one on their lot. I would like to know pros and cons from anyone who has one of these. I have seen Haybuster...
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    Kubota Round Baler Info

    I am wondering if anyone owns and runs a Kubota round baler? It has been roughly 4 years since they hit the Market but I have yet to see or know anyone who actually owns one. However, I live in big square bale country and as far a I know there is only 6 ranchers (including me) that use round...
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    Good Log Splitter

    Anyone have any hands on experience with the Country Line 40 Ton log splitter or the Rugged Made 37 Ton splitter? I need to replace my old log splitter (DR Rapid Fire) with something more reliable. The kinetic splitter from DR Power was good and fast the first few uses, but as time went on so...
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    Self Loading/Unloading Round Bale Trailers

    Hello, I know this has been discussed in other parts of the forum but most are talking about round bale trailers they load and unload manually, which I currently do now. However, this is very time consuming not to mention all the forward and back motion from hauling bales all summer and...
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    Land Pride RC2512 Brush Cutter

    I have been looking at a Land Pride RC2512 brush cutter and is closely compared to a Rhino TS12. The local Rhino dealer only carries the smaller 3pt style cutters and has never seen/sold the new TS12 cutters, but said he would go with Land Pride, which he also a dealer. He said both machines are...