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  1. cmf1

    Murray Grey bull calf

    Been a pretty good calving season for me. Mostly bulls. Got a few I really like. Thought I'd share one. Comments welcome. I'm subject to barn blindness like anybody else. 3/2/15 calf
  2. cmf1

    Happy Day!!

    Just turned them out on some rye grass for the first time this season. They've been on hay only in a mud paddock for the last 40-45 days. Rye looked ready and they're gonna have to work to keep up, but they were more than willing to try. I love seeing fat happy cows dance.
  3. cmf1

    DNA.. What do you think of this one?

  4. cmf1


    I was eating a satsuma (kind of like a tangerine) in the field today and throwing the peelings on the ground. One of the cows sniffed it for a second and gobbled it and started looking for more. Another came over and did the same. They both started looking for more and I threw a section of the...
  5. cmf1

    Murray Grey x Brahman

    Today's weaning day. Had my phone with me and snapped off a few. Really like this heifer. ADJ WW 588 born 2/24 Never tried to make her a pet. She just started coming up to me as a baby. Her little half sister is almost as settled as she is. About 3 mos difference between them. AI's A...
  6. cmf1

    Ultra sound

    Pretty cool tool. I had to have the vet out to BSE and Trich test a young bull that is going to work in another herd shortly. I used him for clean up and some heifers this year. As long as the vet was coming out I gathered up All of them and had him Ultra sound them. All but 1 took on AI and...
  7. cmf1

    Added bonus

    Pulling the trigger on culling the questionable members of the herd was profitable right now. The added bonus of evaluating what's left and feeling temporarily satisfied satisfying ... temporarily.
  8. cmf1

    POLL auction week?

    Curious as to what most think would be the better selling week. Barns were closed this week for the Fourth here. Tuesday will be first week back after being closed for a week. Too many head to get good prices? Wait a week for avg. numbers and maybe better prices? Don't do much trading there and...
  9. cmf1

    Look Bred?

    I was out walking in the cows earlier and took some pics. This is Momma, Her 2 year old heifer (late bred) and this years heifer. The two year old we bred five times and I think she finally settled. Haven't seen any signs. So she should be about 7-71/2 months bred. Does she look it? Took some...
  10. cmf1

    Grazon over Ryegrass?

    Anybody had any experience using Grazon next/pd on ryegrass? Buttercups are up with a vengeance and dock is coming on. I can wait but i've got a window this week. Never have used it on rye though.?
  11. cmf1

    Lucky P

    Very much appreciate you being here on the boards. Chris
  12. cmf1

    Grey calves

    Just some pics from calving Fresh heifer calf Bull calf about an hour old Heifer a next day Greyman heifer Bull calf 12 days early. 9 days old chowtime
  13. cmf1

    A Welcome Day

    Been cold and rainy. Will be again shortly, but today is a good one. Should start calving around 2/26. Don't look like some are going to last that long.
  14. cmf1


    Didn't want to hijack BB's MG thread. Greyman steer 2012. This steer was delicious with good gain and very solid marbling. 380 lb carcass at 10 mos Rounded out nicely on grass. A Greyman heifer One of two sold to friend of mine that runs all F1 tigers. They should be calving first time in...
  15. cmf1

    Rye grass freezing?

    What's the forecast for rye grass survival at all different stages of growth. (8 different paddocks from seedling to laying over) Supposed to get to 24 deg tomorrow night, 29 deg Thursday night, and 33 Friday night, clear skies. Ground is pretty much saturated right now but will be clearing and...
  16. cmf1

    Horn breeding

    Just got back from AI school again at McNeese State in Lake Charles, La. One of the Phd's talked about horn breeding for increased preg rates. Paraphrase: "If you palp the cervix left handed it opens the right horn a bit more. 90-95% of pregnancies occur on the right. Studies show that after 20...
  17. cmf1

    Weaning and wondering

    Separated mommas and bull calves on Monday. Giving 8-10 lbs cubes twice a day between the 5 to make them rotten to me. Don't have a scale so not sure but they sure seem happy and will already eat them out of my hand. Lotta bitchin and moanin the second day but them and the mommas are settling...
  18. cmf1

    Grazon p+d and mature trees?

    The label says no around ornamentals but I don't see anything about mature (20' an up hardwoods). Pasture is populated with oaks min. 12" diameter. Anybody experience this type situation with the p+d?
  19. cmf1

    Bob Moline western artist

    Anybody else a fan of Bob Moline? I just met him at an art show he was judging close to here. Exceptionally nice guy and great sense of humor. My wife has been a fan for many years and she was real excited about having him judge her work and talk with him a bit. Great afternnoon. You Hereford...
  20. cmf1

    Fingers crossed and hoping...

    AI'd 10 on 5/19. One came in this morning. Just rebred her and nothing else bulling. Please, Please, Please if you please. I put fresh patches on them all anyway. ;-)