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  1. Mcp220

    Steer Moving Slow

    We've got a steer who recently started moving around quite a bit slower than than the rest of the herd. There were a couple days he wouldn't eat grain with them. He'd make it over and just stand there while the others ate. He seems to be eating with everyone now, but is still slow and hanging...
  2. Mcp220

    Heifer in with steers?

    Just picked up what should have been 4 young steers, but I messed the #'s up and they loaded a heifer and 3 steers. Oops! My question is - will she be ok being mixed in with all steers? If this is a dumb question, I do apologize in advance 🙄 Thank you!!
  3. Mcp220

    Slight Runny Nose - When to Be Concerned?

    We picked up a bred heifer this past weekend. She seems to be healthy and such. We haven't let her out to pasture just yet. Planning on letting her out this afternoon. We noticed she hasn't been eating as much hay as when we first got her last Sunday and now she seems to have one nostril running...
  4. Mcp220

    Couple of New Little Guys - Weaning Question

    Just a quick question - We just bought a couple of calves that were on a nurse cow. They are eating plenty of grain, hay and out on some pasture. Good healthy little guys. For the time being, they are in our pole barn with some hay, water and are getting some grain. How long is it suggested to...
  5. Mcp220

    Couple of Questions on Bottle Babies

    Me again - Sorry! The babies are now close to 3 weeks old. I just have a couple of questions, that I probably already know the answers to, but need reminding or at least reassurance... Everyone is doing fairly well, EXCEPT: # 2 JUST started with some slightly runny poop. Not terrible, but enough...
  6. Mcp220

    Four Little Bottle Babies - We Did it Again!

    It's now our 2nd time doing this - Got 4 little guys the other day. Seem to be doing well so far! Seem to be pretty healthy and active! Took right to the bottle buckets and all! Much easier than our last bunch - So far at least :) So, back to waking up for the early morning feedings, driving an...
  7. Mcp220

    Question on Noses??

    Just a question regarding nose colors - Is it true that cows with pink noses are more prone to sickness and diseases than ones black noses? Like with Holsteins or Holstein crosses?
  8. Mcp220

    Happy Easter!! Bottle Calves??

    First - Happy Easter to you all!! Hope everyone has a blessed day! Second - We are on the lookout for some new bottle babies! This will be our second year with them... Any suggestions as to where to look? We check Craigslist regularly and that's kind of about the only somewhat reliable source...
  9. Mcp220

    How Long to Keep Calves on Grain Daily?

    Sorry - me again... Just wondering suggestions for how long it is necessary to keep calves on grain daily. They are also out on pasture, so definitely eating plenty, but want to be sure they are getting what they need for as long as they need it to stay good and healthy!
  10. Mcp220

    New Heifers

    We are still a bit new to this (other than helping out on some farms), But we currently have four steers that are about 7 months old. We have the opportunity to pick up a couple of heifers, close to that same age, from someone we know and I am wondering if it is ok to put two heifers in with the...
  11. Mcp220


    Ok - So, we are somewhat new to this and figured to check with those who have a bit more experience. We've got four bottle calves that are now about 5 months old. they are completely weaned and on grass and still feeding grain once a day. We've had a few issues, but nothing we haven't been able...