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  1. Chapin81

    Possible Liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica)

    Has anyone had it in their herd?? What’s it look like??? The green circles on this one cow which looks somewhat healthy is where the parasites “supposedly” make or dig a “cave” these two cows died one in Friday and yesterday morning. They have plenty of grass even though we are doing intensive...
  2. Chapin81

    Coyotes killed a newborn calf *graphic pic*

    we had a calf that was born Sunday between 8pm-6am which was found dead Monday AM. This is the 2nd time it’s happened in 3 months. This morning around 10am a coyote was spotted at the edge of our ranch, which we assume was the same Coyote that ate the calf. We also had a dead calf that was...
  3. Chapin81

    What’s everyone using for minerals.

    I’m in the process of finishing up the rest of our minerals that we have in stock. We are switching from a brand called Rolf minerals which the mineral content is based on 2kg VS Balanz Mineral salts which the mineral content is based on 1kg. I’m basically doing this based on the fact that...
  4. Chapin81

    Vitamins & Electrolytes Multispecies Supplement from Durvet

    Hello everyone. Has anyone used the product above and if so do you still give your cattle vitamins and supplements through intramuscular injections or would this satisfy their needs. I was thinking of adding it to their water?? Btw I’m doing mob grazing so their water is replaced everyday.
  5. Chapin81

    Dr Naylor dehorning paste.

    Just wanted some estimated times how long do you leave it in for. It’s being used on Brahmans. 6hrs 12hrs 24 hrs??? Thank you
  6. Chapin81

    I think it’s an inbreeding problem

    So this is our 4th and 5th one this year. I have a feeling the two bulls we had before were somehow related to the heifers and cows we have. I’m so annoyed. I also had another calf born a day later looks fine and all except she’s 56 lbs. my dad originally blamed it on the moon I said that’s an...
  7. Chapin81

    Preg-Alert Pro for Livestock

    Has anyone ever used this device??does it work...
  8. Chapin81

    Are Hybrid grasses safe??

    Hi Everyone I was introduced to two new kinds of grass that were suggested to try out on our farm. They are both hybrids One is called Mavuno grass which during the dry season produces around 14% protein and if it rains plenty between 17%-21%. The links are in English...
  9. Chapin81

    Update on rotational grazing

    Hi everyone I want to give a big thank you! To everyone that gave feedback on how to get the cattle used to the temp poly wire and rotational grazing suggestions. The first pic shows 42 days rest period. And the other three pics show yesterday’s grazing, today’s grazing and the paddocks for the...
  10. Chapin81

    Is it possible for a premature calf to survive

    Hi everyone, We had a male calf born on Friday afternoon from a first timer giving birth. The calf wasn’t due until next middle of next month maybe even later. It weight in at 25lbs we gave him colostrum and calf milk formula, he didn’t take much. wouldn’t get up Friday night or all day...
  11. Chapin81

    Rebar as a secondary fence line

    hi everyone, I’m trying to lower my cost because ever since January I’ve spent out the wazooo in either upgrades or things that are necessary for the cattle operation to move forward. As some of you know we are located in Guatemala I’m in NYC. Our pastures are divided with either barb wire and...
  12. Chapin81

    Started rotational grazing

    They are trampling a lot of grass. Here is what it looks like after being moved. I am reducing the area Everyday just a bit. Right now we are using about 1 hectare. This is after 24 hour period. I would like to eventually move them 2-4 times a day with in the same area or less. I posted Before...
  13. Chapin81

    Temp electric fence I need advice just arrived

    I’m waiting on my hitensile wire to arrive so I can use it for my perimeter fence. My guys revived post and all the goodies that arrived to make a temp fence. Since I’m not there I told them give it a shot see if it works. The pasture they went into is 800ftX3000ft they reduced it to...
  14. Chapin81

    New brahman bull meeting his herd for the time.

    Hi everyone, Last month I was able to buy a new bull which is a JDH Clanton de Manso son and the dam is a daughter out of JDH Karu 800. Today is his first time meeting his herd. Looking forward to seeing what he can produce. Here is the vid of him walking out to meet the cows for...
  15. Chapin81

    I need advice on electric fence

    I need advice on the wire. Should I buy hi tensile or aluminum 12.5GA. I’m planning on using this wire to carry the power throughout the entire property mostly the perimeter and dividing pastures(the biggest pastures are 45 acres) then I Will be using poly wire to reduce the pastures even...
  16. Chapin81

    Another cow died, This is frustrating. Graphic pics

    So another cow died on us. This time we think it’s because we weaned her earlier calf too late close to 11 months,we think since the calf was still feeding off her mom that she could of banged her head in there and injured the unborn calf. The calf was dead inside. My guys tried to pull it out...
  17. Chapin81

    Invermectin does it kill the soil??

    Hi everyone, I was just watching a YouTube vid and it was mentioned that invermectin kills the soil, micro fauna, dung beetles, everything else down there that the grass and soil Need for growth, Is it true?? Is there a substitute, can I eventually stop using it with the cows as they get older...
  18. Chapin81

    One of my cows died today need some input

    7am my guy calls me and says one of the older cows died while giving birth in the middle of the night when no one was around and her insides came out. The last time he saw her was at around 715pm the night before and she was fine eating walking around with the rest of the herd. he found the calf...
  19. Chapin81

    How much protein do I need to feed.

    Hi everyone. I have a 20 month old brahman bull that is not with cows or heifers he’s by himself . He’s about 1040lbs I have another one that is with 101 heifers not all are of breeding age. He is 29 months old and is about 1100lbs or so. They younger one is grazing on grass only. I would...
  20. Chapin81

    New calves

    New calf’s and getting rid of the bulls because they are light. born two days ago This is a son of JDH Woodson de Manso he’s 29 months old and working with 100 heifers waiting to see what his calves look like. First are due in late October These two guys are our biggest...