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  1. Beefy

    Front end loader cylinder

    Started leaking hydraulic fluid (pouring really) yesterday while clearing privet bushes and some small trees and dead poplars. SEAL looks busted up for sure. I guess I'll take it off and into the deere place since I don't have time to fool around. ANYBODY worked on one or know how much to expect...
  2. Beefy

    Ryegrass instead of oats or wheat

    I'm considering broadcasting ryegrass into 3 fields that I normally plant oats or wheat in for wintergrazing. One field was planted in millet and the cows have been grazing it all summer so it looks pretty bare aside from a few pigweed stalks. Seed would make contact with soil easily and cows...
  3. Beefy

    Perilla mint

    I found a crap load of perilla mint today in a wooded area that I normally graze this time of year. No clue where it came from--pow! I'd already mowed some of it when I discovered it at the edge if the woods. Ugh.
  4. Beefy

    Free car

    Who won the free cars? Once again I'm late to tha party
  5. Beefy

    Getting carried away by ants

    Apparent ant population explosion. What to do?!
  6. Beefy

    where's the beef?

    Just checking in to see who all's still alive. havent been here in a while.
  7. Beefy

    what time?

    does anyone know what time the world is supposed to end?
  8. Beefy

    Sorry but you cannot use search at this time. Please try aga

    so annoying! Sorry but you cannot use search at this time. Please try again in a few minutes.
  9. Beefy


    really excited about this new dewormer. cant wait to give it a try.
  10. Beefy

    Just Another day at the office.

  11. Beefy

    Ideas for Harvesting Bahia seed

    i remember some of you rigging some bahia collectors on the front of vehicles but dont remember what was used. anybody have any good idears for collecting the seed sans cows?
  12. Beefy

    Got another tail missing.

    noticed another cow with her tail gone, this one about a foot down from her tailhead. thinking it may be time to call up the TurtleMan. Ayiyiyi!!
  13. Beefy


    i have had just about all i can stand. never seen so many malpresentations. raising cattle is no longer enjoyable, even at these prices.
  14. Beefy

    Has Anyone in the history of ever...

    ever had a cattle deworming gun that did not leak?
  15. Beefy

    Crazy Heart

    Ran across this movie on tv the other night and liked this song a lot.
  16. Beefy

    I never have seen it this dry.

    got 2/10ths earlier this spring. thats all ive seen. well blessed with wind and dust though.
  17. Beefy

    Google Map of Mass Animal Die-Offs ... =-2.541834
  18. Beefy


    i may have to thtart thmoking or thumpthing, i am totally addicted to thunflower theedth... :help: i have ett tho many i cant even feel my tongue anymore..
  19. Beefy

    what kind of grass is this?

    what kind of grass is this? it grows like hotcakes and likes soggy feet and the more the cows eat it the thicker it gets! grows like a bermuda but has a different seed head (see blurriness in top center)
  20. Beefy

    minerals with Rabon

    does anyone use the mineral with the rabon in them and if so do they really seem to help with the flies?