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  1. Fred

    Good video of Budweiser Clydesdales in Knoxville

    How many of you were there for the World's Fair in 1982? I wasn't, but I was at the 84 Fair in New Orleans.
  2. Fred

    Pretty sunset

    Don't have any mountains, but do get some nice sunsets.
  3. Fred

    Cattle today email account

    Can someone tell me if @cattle-today email service has been shut down? I have had an account for many years and now it appears it no longer exist. Thanks for any info.
  4. Fred

    How'd you like a load of these mommas?

    These were at the sale barn last week from around Gum Cove La.
  5. Fred

    200 dead cows in Wisconsin

    They don't give much information such as age of animals. ... 29069.html
  6. Fred

    Poison Hemock ... mans-death Anybody have this growing in their area? I've heard of hemlock, but never knew much about it.
  7. Fred

    Gentle calf

    Took this picture while scratching his head.
  8. Fred

    Artichoke plant

    I planted an artichoke plant last spring in a cattle lick tub. It grew all summer and lived through the winter. This spring it stared bearing. I've picked 2 so far. This is the first one I've grown or seen grown. Anyone else grown artichokes?
  9. Fred

    Purple Martins

    How many have martin houses? I have two 12 hole houses that I put up each year. They showed up on February 14 this year. I think I have 3 pair so far, hope more are on the way.
  10. Fred

    Growing vegetables in lick tub

    Took this picture a couple weeks back. I planted 2 broccoli in each tub. Also have some lettuce,carrots,and kale planted.
  11. Fred

    Viewing the shuttle ... ted+States I watched the shuttle go by tonight by using this site. Neat thing to see.
  12. Fred

    Tractor operating temperature

    What is the proper operating temperature for a Ford 5000? What temperature would be considered running hot? I replaced my temp gauge with one that only shows the temperature.
  13. Fred

    Sold an old cow ... it=recentI sold this old cow today. She was 14 1/2 years old. She had been a good cow but she lost this years calf and last years calf was below average. She weighed 1425 lbs and brought .54/ lb.
  14. Fred

    Question about wood glue

    I would like to know if any of you can reccommend the best glue for an all wood rocking chair that is coming apart in several places where it was put together. The wood is still good.
  15. Fred

    Figs are getting ripe ... mit=recent Figs are just starting to ripen. ... mit=recent
  16. Fred

    Monster pig pics uncovered
  17. Fred

    Herbicide for woody plants ... 30&cat=500 I put out 2-5 lb containers of this today along a fence line. They come as pellets with a dispenser on the top of the container.The 5 pound containers sell for $65 each. I was treating Chinese tallow and privet hedge.
  18. Fred

    Question on Vitamin shots

    I purchased a bottle of B-Complex vitamins from the Vet supply. It shows 1-2 ml /500 lb body wt. for adult cattle and 1-2 ml for calves.For those of you that use them, what situations do you feel it is helpful to give a shot of B-Complex vitamins? I was thinking of using it if I get a weak calf...
  19. Fred

    Question for folks in drought areas

    I know the drought has been bad for a lot of areas. I read how it has gone on for some time in certain areas, lots of cattle sold off and very high hay costs.My question is what is the outlook for cattle raisers in these areas.? Are you expecting the drought to be over next year? Do you think...