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  1. cmf1

    Very grateful for this calf!

    Great looking pair BCG. Worth the time and effort.
  2. cmf1

    Murray Grey bull calf

    Thanks Katherine. Gizmon, I expect him to mature just over 50 inches so a 3 to 4. Same grandsire x same dam produced a bull 2 years ago that is working in Wisconson now and the owner is well pleased with him conformationally and phenotypically.( about 50 inches and very good width and weight...
  3. cmf1

    Murray Grey bull calf

    It really doesn't. It's the breeders themselves that try to gather input and improve their cattle. The MG breeders that I know of are fairly passionate about their herds and have learned not to expect much from the registries. Too much "old guard" politics to advance much. Doesn't change the...
  4. cmf1

    Murray Grey bull calf

    Thanks. I was mostly kidding about the steaks. I like him. But it is a while from here to breeding age. I try to breed for good sound animals and every now and then it works as well or better than I thought it might. Personally I think this guy is well above average and will contribute as a...
  5. cmf1

    Murray Grey bull calf

    Well, 3 mos is early to make a determination, but I like the way he looks now. If he continues to grow out I would like to see him breeding cows. His Dam is well above average in my mind, and the sire and his line are closer to the type I like to raise. Only time will tell. He does look like he...
  6. cmf1

    Murray Grey bull calf

    Thanks Walnut, BB, yes. He'll be one of the very few left that are linked to Roman Invasion and Boadicea that I'm aware of. 2 calves out of the Andamooka bull look very nice so far. 1 bull 3 mos, 1 heifer very late, a week old now.
  7. cmf1

    Murray Grey bull calf

    Been a pretty good calving season for me. Mostly bulls. Got a few I really like. Thought I'd share one. Comments welcome. I'm subject to barn blindness like anybody else. 3/2/15 calf
  8. cmf1

    Show your calf pictures.

  9. cmf1

    &%$#@@$%$%$$ Heifers

    Reckon we need to change our ways then? I was truly hoping to get more heifers this year.
  10. cmf1

    &%$#@@$%$%$$ Heifers

    Must be the difference in elevation. 5 bulls, 1 heifer, so far.
  11. cmf1

    made the cut

    Sure'nuff looks like a bull from that angle.
  12. cmf1

    First time calvers

    Good solid yellow feces from the calf is a pretty good indicator of colostrum consumption.
  13. cmf1

    Grass finished hollistic grazing

    Moved the cows yesterday and a friend up north wanted to see pix of green grass so I took a few with my phone. 8 bred cows, 1 bred heifer, 1 open heifer, 1 500-550lb steer calf. 9, 1.5-2 acre paddocks w pretty good rye grass stand. 1 sacrifice paddock feeding hay in. 23 4x5 rounds of good...
  14. cmf1

    The waiting has begun

    I've got about six weeks to go before they start and I get wound up pretty tight with anticipation and watching when it's close. What really gets my attention and keeps it though is the "pump handle tail" while the fidgeting is going on.
  15. cmf1

    Pics 2014 bull calves & some girls

    Fine looking animals there.
  16. cmf1

    Happy Day!!

    Never a waste in my mind. Every mouth full of live grass is a saved mouthful of hay that keeps pretty well under the barn. I buy less hay each year and feed the old stuff first. I prefer to think of the rye grass as a fixed expense every year and the hay as a floating expense because I feel like...
  17. cmf1

    Happy Day!!

    Dave, I know it's like anything else. You adapt, get used to it, learn to live with it, but man... I have a hard time imagining functioning in that kind of weather. When do you start calving, and what will the temps be? We did get to 19 deg last night and I think that's just wrong.
  18. cmf1

    Happy Day!!

    I broadcast 150# 13-13-13 with a little over 50# of mixed Gulf and Prine on Oct. 27. Then clipped most of it fairly low. Didn't think it was going to take well at all because the rain shut down completely. I'm pretty much sold now on spreading, then clipping. I guess the mulching helps it hold...
  19. cmf1

    Happy Day!!

    No such thing as rocks down here Nesi. Unless you truck them in from somewhere else. Believe it or not we have rock stores down here where you can buy them. The only belly scratchers here are shrubs and such. Inyati, strange that you would know such things. Thanks. Toro, rye grass is well looked...