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    Tedder tires?

    I paid for a new 15x6.00 10 ply with tube 40.00 bucks . local tire store. 60.00 mounted . Rj
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    Cow cost per head....2020

    Mr. VanRoss , Your operating expense is inline with mine. In my area I see larger operations having more pasture or crop ground to keep cows foraging through the winter . Which equates to less hay to feed. My cow/calf operation and hay operation have to work together to make it work. Just wish...
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    Cow cost per head....2020

    If were truly adding all costs with a cow/calf operation . How would you show a + net return ? My question is how would you figure hay sales and Gov. Payments . Is it income from the cows ? If you didn't have cows would you need equipment to bale hay. If you bought all hay fed, less equipment...
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    Crab grass hay

    Crab grass hay baled in the fall . Would any one know what the protein would be ? Will be feeding it to fall calves . Thanks rj .
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    Best knot for HT barbed wire

    Great looking fence. What is the T post spacing and middle stays . rj
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    why do we feed supplement ?

    bball I went back and reread your post . Interesting stuff . I need to study on this . Thanks rj
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    why do we feed supplement ?

    Thanks bball for the explanation . Winter showed up yesterday in Wayne Co. Thanks rj
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    why do we feed supplement ?

    I agree I should have hay tested . Feeding the corn I'm ok with . I asking more about adding the 34% supplement to the corn . These are fall calving cows with calves on them . Also there isn't much pasture mostly dry lot. Keeping an eye on the poop is a good idea.Thanks rj
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    why do we feed supplement ?

    Please explain why supplement is needed in a cow calf operation. I'm feeding around 4 lb. corn and free choice , mature headed out fescue/OG hay. Do to poor hay making conditions. I'm also adding supplement ,top dressed with the corn . Just question why its needed . When I write the check the...
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    Can you name this weed

    Thanks to all for the help . It looks a lot like the pig weed but the stock or branches are red and spiney sharp points
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    Can you name this weed

    Ive called it a sticker weed . Growing in pasture and around where hay was feed. Google sticker weed that to generic . Wanting to spray to kill also to prevent next year. Plant has one stem, many branches ,plant get large and stickers in stem . Blooming now. I know pics would help sorry.Thanks rj
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    Baler purchase

    I have looked at a NH 658 twine only. owner guessing 5000 bales through it . He clams the belts need sized . The question I have will this model of baler bale long stemmy grass hay . Will it start a bale .Are they easy to work on . Thanks rj
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    Baler purchase

    I'm interested in getting a different baler before next season. Would like the option of net wrap and twine . A 4x5 would be preferred . A JD or NH dealers in the area. My question when a baler has x amount of bales ,baled. When should a person pass on that baler. I'm having a hard time...
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    Hay barn

    I think the barn I put hay in is 32x54x14 . I stack on end 4x5 3 high . 177 bales Wish I had another barn. Just wish I could keep the coons out . rj
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    Checking out New Holland TN75D

    Wanted to update . I did check out the TN75D . I think the tractor was priced right . Nice looking out fit . But it didn't fit me well . Cab was noisy . So I passed. rj
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    Checking out New Holland TN75D

    Going to check out a 2004 TN75D Tuesday . This tractor has 2275 hrs. cab, mfwd. and loader. Looking for real life experience good or bad . Hows the cab and air conditioner. Plan to use it on a 617 NH disk mower and Gehi 4x5 baler. Any info would be great !! Thanks in advance rj.
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    Pasture Rejuvenation

    A good fertilizer program will help a lot with the fescue . Check around for some one with a notill subsoiler . It will take a big horse out front to pull . Will loosen soil with very little disturbance to the surface. It may cost 30 to 40 an acre to have it done . good luck .rj
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    Need hay feeder to creep feed calves

    Any recommendation on a good feeder to use ? Wanting to feed 4 x 5 bales of OG hay. The feeders I use for the cows the calves get inside ruin a lot of hay . Thought I would try a cradle type . Has any one tried these type of feeders ? thank you rj
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    using cow $hit as compost

    I have a few that has use the compost . I've told them that the pasture chemical used on the hay ground would care over in the manure . They have stopped using it . My question ; does the composting process get rid of the chemical residue ? I'm thinking 1 year old stuff . Manure/hay pushed up...