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  1. Lorenzo

    Happy New Year

    Hi Everyone, I have not been around here for a while, a pity as I have just saw how much valuable information you have been disscusing here lately. There is so much to learn from all of you that I promise to stick around here from now on. I wish you a 2012 with good prices, happy breeders...
  2. Lorenzo

    Some more pics from our show..

    Hi everyone, During the next days I will post the results at the Hereford farm from the year round competition test among the young bulls over grass. Knersie, Around july I posted pictures of a small countryside show. I posted a picture of a hereford heifer that you said it was outstanding ...
  3. Lorenzo

    Several pics from Uruguay

    Hi everyone, Just ended our National Show. The angus breed was judge by Jack Ward, the Herefords by Jack Holden and the jersey and Holsteins by Patrick Maddox. All of them from the States. Before the Show Jack Ward and Jack Holden went to Kiyu farm. Here every year many hereford breeders...
  4. Lorenzo

    Hereford Panamerican epd's

    Tomorrow I will be attending a meeting with the Hereford Association members where the new Panamerican's epd's will be released to the Hereford Breeders. From now on, uruguayan epd's will be the same that american and canadian epd's. Also some Argentinian bulls (not the whole country yet, I...
  5. Lorenzo

    A couple of PICS from two Hereford Bulls

    Hi everyone, here are a couple of bulls from down here, three pics from the same one and one picture from the second bull. Tomorrow I am going to a slaughter house for a carcass merit examination, I will take some pictures for you and will post them here tomorrow evening. A second bull...
  6. Lorenzo

    My new 270 winchester

    Well my new toy arrived home, it's a custom mauser im 270 win. done by a local gunsmith. Hope you enjoy the pictures, at least this thing doesn't has udders :lol: L
  7. Lorenzo

    Bird hunting in Uruguay

    Some friends from Canada visited me and I took them to a friend's farm. Some pictures. L
  8. Lorenzo

    Young Polled Hereford bull PIC

    Well, my friends, I am back after the vacations I gave you from my pictures :D Here is a young polled bull (one year and a half old). I am bringing him to my AI Center and I decided to post it here to hear the bad and good things you people see.. The quality of the pics it's not so good as...
  9. Lorenzo

    Just back from the farm

    Last week I spent the whole night (full moon) and I saw 11 pigs. Between my buddy and I we shot 6 times...all clean misses :oops: So I returned yesterday night for revange (previous checking the scope zeros..they were perfect :oops: ) I was expecting something from a small creek that goes...
  10. Lorenzo

    Some more pictures

    I promise not to post more pics for a while, I don't want to bore everyone with my pics. But I love to see nice cattle pics so I think that maybe some of you also. I apologize if I am abusing with too many pics but as I said, these will be the last ones for a while. The baldies and angus are...
  11. Lorenzo

    What to do with poachers ??

    Here are some pics from one of my trail cams. These three young boys are poaching and they don't seem to worried about that from what we can see in the pictures. They will not kill anything big with those 22lr, they are after axis does for meat. They don't destroyed anything, they must be from a...
  12. Lorenzo

    Industry cattle from Uruguay

    Well my friends, Today I drove around my country from 6 am till 9 pm visiting was a looong day. In the past I have posted many pictures, mostly cattle belonging to top breeders, very selected animals. Also most of the pictures were taken by a friend of mine that is a very good...
  13. Lorenzo

    Just some pics from Uruguay

    Ok guys, I am killing some time at home and I have some new pics. Some are better than others. I am working on a new web page so I hired a friend of mine who is very good taking pictures. The animals belong to friends of mine. Shoot them, praise them, do what ever you want but explain your...
  14. Lorenzo

    Old uruguayan cattle fences

    Hi everyone, I went the other day to the farm and took some pictures of what we use before the wire arrived here :cowboy: In the ol'days the farms and the "blocks" inside the farms were separated by this type of fence, you can still see them for miles and miles in some places. Sometimes...
  15. Lorenzo

    Horned Hereford Pics Uruguay

    Well, As you know here in Uruguay our hereford herd is aprox. 7 million heads so there is a lot of good animals to look. Last week end I went to stay at my cousin in law farm and here are some pictures of his bulls. I decided to bring some of them to my AI Center to collect them, so soon we...
  16. Lorenzo

    Hereford pics

    Hi everyone Some pictures of farm bulls and cows, not show animals. Not very good quality pics..... :( Every comment is welcome, my main desire for posting pictures is not to receive :clap: is just to read and learn about other's opinions. These animals belong to a friend and partner. L
  17. Lorenzo

    Young angus bull (PICT)

    Hi everyone, Last week a young bull arrived from the farm to be collected. This morning he jumped twice and I took some pictures, maybe you enjoy them. Don't look to the "jump" facilities as that thing is temporary !!! :mrgreen: L
  18. Lorenzo

    Help translating...

    I need to talk about genetics that are specially breed for natural conditions (pastures, grasslands, etc) How can I say it in english ? some kind of "slogan"... Thanks L
  19. Lorenzo

    Back from Argentina !! NEW PICS !!!

    Well my friends, I arrived yesterday from a 10 days hunt in Argentina, it was a looong trip back, nearly 15 hours driving through all kind of roads.. Well some pictures for you. My red stag See the BIG thunder storm behind me !!!!!! A hunting camp without heads in boiling water is NOT a...
  20. Lorenzo

    Uruguay NEW PICS

    Well as promised here are some more pictures of the small countryside show from last weekend, the last ones, I don't want to bore anyone. I hope you enjoy them... Well, those were the last ones. Nex friday I am leaving for 10 days so I will not bother you for a while...