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  1. mitch2

    Not a clue... please help

    I have a few head that are losing weight. I will give you some facts and see if anyone can put together this puzzle, please... Pregnant - various stages Various ages Tough winter Bad hay crop last year - too much rain I had the vet test sample and blood of one of the animals losing weight Small...
  2. mitch2

    Can we not post pictures anymore?

    Sorry but I have not been on the boards much over last couple of years...WOW how time flies! Thanks - Michele
  3. mitch2

    Chevy Truck thread SCARES ME!!

    We just took our farm truck, drove it actually to the scrap yard. 1994 F150 2wd, 6 cyl 5 spd manual with over 240,000 miles on it. My dad made me after he crawled under it to find out if the clutch that was slipping was an easy fix or not. He crawled back out from under there when he said he...
  4. mitch2

    Between Simple Indigestion and Grain Overload

    Broken fence between stockers and Cows - worst case scenerio a few of the mommas that know what is in the "steer Stuffer" ate to their hearts content and when we found them the next morning the damage had been done, but we have no concrete evidence. Except - After two days they seem alert and...
  5. mitch2

    Short trip Seattle to Vancouver

    A girlfriend and I are going to land in Seattle and drive to Vancouver (Surrey) for a wedding. We will be arriving on a Thursday late morning and the wedding will not be until Saturday evening. We have time to explore! Please let me know some ideas from the time we arrive until Saturday...
  6. mitch2

    CED Lesson please

    I don't have anything on my cattle currently. They are commercial herd. My cows are FS 5 to FS 6. If FS relates to anything, the bull I have been using for 5 years is a FS 5. The first year I had him, he bred all heifers. I lost one calf that weighed 105 pounds, but it was a heck of a long...
  7. mitch2

    Burdizzo VS Cutting

    It is our preference to wait until weaning or first frost at least before cutting. We gave up the whole banding at birth many years ago. I would like to consider using the Burdizzo; my husband has doubts... he doesn't know why he has doubts, just that we have cut for years. I think it is a...
  8. mitch2

    Dumb question - need intelligent answer plz

    The longest distance I have hauled cattle is probably 250 miles (5 hours), and I know that is not easy on them. They seem to be quite tired and tend to lay around for extended period upon arrival. How do you successfully haul one animal for 2000 miles? Thanks for any input! Michele
  9. mitch2

    Dick Trickle

    Nick Dettmann Publication:West Bend Daily News Date:Jul 6, 2010 Section:Sports Page Number:B1 He keeps coming back Dick Trickle happy to return to Slinger By NICK DETTMANN Daily News Sports Editor The spectacle they now call Slinger Nationals was originally a ploy for Dick Trickle to race at...
  10. mitch2

    Sheriff Radio Tower

    Is on property and up for contract renewal. Last contract was for 25 years. They want another contract for at least 25 years again, as they are going to erect a new tower, next to the existing, so as to not go without service. Should I get a lawyer? How much is this worth? Do I give a break...
  11. mitch2

    Happy bovines come from Wisconsin

    At least they made me believe it on this day.... at first.... A heifer that I am liking... Curiosity... Junior... I think he was giving me the look... the look to leave! Two cows, the one foremost is probably hubby's fav - 10 years old Another heifer calf.. As I was wandering back to...
  12. mitch2

    Gehl 1870 belt problem!

    Here are the facts as I know them. Baler is a friend of a friend. Everyone stumped. Baler worked fine. Put ALL new belts on. (One of those maintenance things) Running tensioner at approx 140 psi - same as when old belts were on. All belts are same type, 3 different lot numbers. All belts are...
  13. mitch2

    JD 926 discbine opinions wanted plz

    Especially the flail's VS the rollers. Thank you!
  14. mitch2

    Suniland Texas

    I am coming to the best place I can think of relating to: Honest answers Levelheadedness Hardworking Individuals Logistical knowledge So let me have it... what does anyone know? Remember I am in Wisconsin and this is a heck of a long way away. Besides it being between Corpus Chirsti and San...
  15. mitch2

    Mother Nature problems

    Ended the summer very dry. Started on Hay early. The wettest and one of the coldest Octobers on record. Healthy animals had a hard time with it. 72 degrees today. Winter pasture - where we feed hay - is a slop hole. Corrals are slop holes. Because of the weather, I made the decision to leave...
  16. mitch2


    Has anybody been in contact with her? I left her a PM almost 2 months ago and she hasn't picked it up. OKJeanne if you are out there please read your PM. I hope all is well. Michele
  17. mitch2

    Discbine question

    I really really really really want to buy a discbine. The prices on the Lely or Haymag that iron peddler has mentioned are doable. Can I get opinions? Normally, run approx 30 acres of hay 3 crops on major hills. Thanks Michele
  18. mitch2

    Arkansas - Natural Gas Drilling

    I read an article lately that a couple of companies are still hard at it in the Fayetteville Shale. My real question for those that live in the area is how people feel about it - generally speaking about drilling operations... as with anything there are the extreme pros and extreme cons. I am...
  19. mitch2

    Calgary to Red Deer, AB

    My first trip to Canada (business) is coming up shortly. I will be flying into Calgary and I have some time that afternoon/evening while I drive to Red Deer. Is there something interesting or something I should not miss to burn up a bit of time that day? Thank you Canadians on enlightening...
  20. mitch2

    Somethings wrong...but what?

    Checking cattle last night and I wanted to specifically check out this boy as I thought he may be a good prospect for a boy who would like to show one of ours next year at the fair. That will be another question for another thread. Anyway.... what the heck is wrong with him???? He looks to be...