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  1. angel5

    new rescue in springfield Mo. traind LGD

    i hope you all dont mind but if we can help eachother fill a need then i thought this would be ok. SPRINGFIELD MO: 1 yo male Anatolian x Pyrenees; good with dogs, cats, horses, goats and chickens!! Sweet boy that is in a shelter! For more info and pictures click on the link below. Please...
  2. angel5

    anyone have a tortilla soup recipe?

    Hubby wants tortilla soup....don't have any idea how to do it....help please. :help: thanks in advance
  3. angel5

    Shameless plug for trained livestock guardian dogs

    OK this is a shameless plug i must admit....if you are interested in livestock guard dogs (not cattle dogs or herders) they are strictly guard dogs for your livestock this is a rescue these dogs are not for sale. they were bred to fight off wolves and will back up a pack of coyotes, these are...