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  1. Txwalt

    quit smoking

    I think I finally got it licked. I purchased one of those e-cigs. Its awesome! The Kit cost $60. I think in just a couple of weeks I'll start seeing the savings. Just wanted to share just in case anyone else is ready to quit. Just do a little web browsing before jumping in. Walt
  2. Txwalt

    Texas Motto.

    I think it should be "Hell or high water". Seems that is the two weather reports we get. Walt
  3. Txwalt

    rain in Texas

    I think everyone is getting rain this time. Walt
  4. Txwalt


    When was the last time a thread was locked? Seems we've had a pretty good run. Walt
  5. Txwalt

    Who lost a shoe

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100609/ap_ ... i_old_shoe Walt
  6. Txwalt

    leather hobby

    Some stuff I made. Nothing fancy. Just some functional stuff. I've been making dog collars and key chains latley. Just havn't downloaded the stuff off the camera yet. Walt
  7. Txwalt

    animal rights protesters

    Copied this off another forum. I understand its been around for a while so some of ya'll may have seen it. Animal Rights Activists protested Leather-Wearing at a BIKER rally… John stown, PA (Glossy News) - Local and state police scoured the hills outside rural John stown, Pennsylvania, after...
  8. Txwalt


    I havn't posted a pic in a while but here goes. My friend sent me this email and I'm wondering what kind of pour on would work best to get rid of these type of flies. I'll warn you ahead of time if you have a weak stomach you won't want to look at this picture.
  9. Txwalt


    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100103/ap_ ... ling_spree
  10. Txwalt

    suicide website hotline kinda

    http://www.lamebook.com/ If you are ever down, think it can't be worse, you are the lowest person around. Take a look at this site for a big pick me up. I laughed until I cried. God forgive me. Walt
  11. Txwalt

    what kind of operation?

    Dont be shy. Walt
  12. Txwalt


    I heard on the radio that GMAC is asking for their 3rd bail out. :???: Walt
  13. Txwalt

    what if you don't like beef?

    Saying "if you want to be a cattleman you have to eat beef" is like saying "if you want to be a proctologist you have to like butt holes". Walt
  14. Txwalt

    tell me if I'm wrong

    What really drives the economy is people spending their "surplus money". What I mean is when people are spending their money on things they don't "need" that is what drives the economy. People buying iphones, new cars, vacations, expensive clothes, and on and on. This is how jobs are created...
  15. Txwalt

    cheap treats

    I have one of those dogs that likes to chew on everything except the chew treats I buy her. So I took one of her rawhide treats and left it in some bacon grease over night. Washed it off and gave it to her when I came home from work. She's been chewing on it for the past hour. My wife said...
  16. Txwalt

    healthcare for the homeless

    How much healthcare should a vagrant get that is HIV positive and has lung cancer. How much money should we spend fighting the cancer? Walt
  17. Txwalt

    weekly craigslist update

    I just thought this was pretty funny, the title I mean. http://austin.craigslist.org/grd/1387931094.html Walt
  18. Txwalt

    cow urine drink

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_a ... 707554.ece So many ways I could go at this... 1. May want to rethink buying a wife over there. 2. This may be the boom we've all been waiting for. I wonder how much we can charge per gallon? 3. WTF Walt
  19. Txwalt

    gas in your diesel

    You just pumped 5 gallons of gas into your diesel truck. The tank was 3/8 full when you pulled into the gas station. What do you do? I've heard so many different things about this. I was interested in ya'lls thoughts. Walt
  20. Txwalt

    Wild cows.

    If humans disappeared from the earth, what do you think cows would look like a couple hundred years later. It would probably differ by region. I would figure leaner, meaner, and horned. Sorry folks, I can't fall asleep tonight. Walt