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    cow-calf operation

    NORMALLY, a farmer/rancher talks about how many cattle his acreage can support year round, regardless of how the feed is harvested. This is true in any part of the country. Otherwise I could put 30 cows on a 5 acre piece for a day and a half and I guess my ground can support 6 cows per acre.
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    cow-calf operation

    and let me clarify for all the experts, 50 cows on 100 acres is 1 cow per 2 acres, NOT 1 cow per acre.
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    Cows don't want to drink from tanks when heaters are on

    with the temps that Nowland was listing, I wouldn't mess with the heaters at all, matter of fact at that warm, I wouldn't even want the 20 cent electric bill, I'd just bust the ice out twice a day. I don't turn the heaters on till it's colder than that. Molass, I wouldn't even worry about...
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    registered cattle

    thank you to everyone!
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    registered cattle

    Hi guys, thinking of getting a few registered cattle, and I'm curious as to what is required for records. Do you have to get weights on all cattle,(calves at weaning) or is that not a requirement? Also, I take it you have to get semen certificates from the studs in order to register? Thanks...
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    Used/New Liquid Nitrogen Tank Questions

    It costs me 200$ a year to have my semen tank kept full, and every straw of semen I buy per year equals a dollar off that. Really convenient as they just come every six weeks to top it off. If I was going to hire a tech to do the breeding, I would let them carry the semen. I do my own...
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    More random shots

    Rustler, how do you remember who's who with 250 cows and no eartags?
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    info sheets

    The one that Workinonit posted about is what I use, and is (was) available at Nasco.
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    Man, is it just my computer, or does one of his eyes look bright blue, and the other bright green.
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    Your Total Cost to AI

    With 4 cows, it would be much much cheaper to go the A.I. route, if you know what you are doing with heat detection. But the heat detection is key. 4 cows is a small enough number to manage, that you wouldn't need to synchronize. Good Luck
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    ?'s on butcher hog

    Around here a hog is usually bought for 50 cents a lb. That is the typical price for a good avg. I beleive the percentage of hanging weight is like 72%, although I'm not positive.
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    In your area if you have ...

    Grubbie did answer the original question, I beleive the original posters question was how much profit if EVERYTHING IS PAID FOR.
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    Taking Blood

    In a case where you absolutely cannot get it from the tail, you can go to the milk vein on the under side of the cow's belly in front of the udder. Be careful, your awefully close to the feet at that point.
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    feeding out young heifer

    Thanks everyone! 2B, I will let you know.
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    How much gain???

    irked, did you actually just waste your time typing that? Now I'm starting to understand your screen name. Someone asked for help and someone tried to give them that help, and all you can do is that? Go be irked by yourself!!
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    feeding out young heifer

    Question for all of you with years of experience, I'm not sure since my background is in dairy. I have a hereford heifer from last year that is fairly nice, but she runs thru every fence I've set up for rotational grazing(just a single hot wire). All the other cows respect the wires and I've...
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    feedlot pregnancy

    SL, I'm sorry, but it is not difficult to get two nuts below a band. It's just plain not that hard .
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    first heat cycle

    Ever get the impression someone is asking a question, while trying to sound like they know the answer?
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    first heat cycle

    BROVO! BROVO! BROVO! I couldn’t have asked for two better responses. Between the two of you ,you covered every thing I would have said except for: If you see snail tracks on her hind quarters and/or around the tail, you’re too late you missed her. Better luck next time. Now as you both used...
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    Cervex, AI ?

    There is a big difference in A.I. service compared to natural service, as it takes longer for the sperm to decapitate? (help) as it does with natural service.