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    Good performance bull and eggs

    Right now I'm working on developing a breeding program for my performance class work. Right now I'm thinking just get a total or ambush 28 heifer out of one of our better cows and starting from there. But, I was also wondering about using eggs from a good dam and going full flush on one of our...
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    RIP Heat Wave

    Heat Wave, a legend of a bull, died on the 14th in Adel, IA. He was never my favorite bull, but he was truly a legend and a sire of a champion. RIP
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    cooling room?

    Hi. The other day I came across a design to build an insulated room in a barn and put in a window AC... Has anybody heard of this? does it work?
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    what to look for when choosing a purebred angus heifer

    I am going to be buying a purebred angus heifer soon to show next year, and I wanted to know what to look for.
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    2010 fair

    Hey everyone. Yeah, the fair has already happened. Just wanted to know what you guys thought of the calves this year.. Very successful year! First up: Nate Reserve Champion Medium-weight market steer Champion Return Bucket/Bottle weighed in at: 1215 Next up: Nanci Champion Rate of gain...
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    Cow/Calf Showing Tips

    This year i will be showing a cow calf pair, but i do not know much about it. Can you give me some info on how to show them?
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    How 'bout them hawkeyes?

    8-0 BABYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! :banana: were goin to the bcs i just know it!!
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    What do you think of this heifer?

    I was walking around the lot of out weaned calves and she just caught my eye.. Thought i would see what you guys think before i started to work with her. Oh and sorry about the poor lighting in the pics, it was dark out but i really wanted to get it done...
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    I got a new set!

    I was looking for a chute, clippers and a blower, and i found them!! all from the same place, and it was right by me. I got an iron blocking chute that is 7 years old, no rust, and has a new floor, a used sullivan's blower, and Sunbeam clippers with an oster head. WIll post pics in the morning.
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    How much does Who made Who semen go for?

    I am saving up to get good semen for my heifer and i have heard that who made who is great. What is the running price for semen?
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    What do you think of my 09 show cattle?

    Yes, they have all shown, and i sold my steer. But i just wanted some opinions on them. First up is my breeding heifer. She was born april 1st of 08, she was bred on june 13th (no, she wasn't A.I'ed) the fair was July 10th-13th, and she had an ultra-sound and a preg-check on friday and she was...
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    Where can i get a used blower?

    i am kinda going to make this 4H year the "get serious" year for my cattle showing, and i have heard that it can be good for there hair if i blow them every day, but i don't want to spend a but load for one. What is the best place to get a used blower online?
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    What is the ration of Breeding Heifers?

    I would like to know what the rations should be for a breeding heifer. I know they should be on a low corn high forage diet, but what exactly? how much hay? how much corn? :help:
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    Cows and Methane

    I was having an argument with a person on another forum about how much methane cows produce. I was wondering how much cows do produce, and how much it would impact the environment.
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    Tips on clipping and grooming

    I just wondered if anyone had any good tips on clipping or grooming.
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    Tips on Breeding stock heifers

    I just wondered if anyone had any tips on raising, presenting, breeding, etc.. of Breeding Stock heifers for 4H because I will be showing one next year.
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    Resoring a super M

    Hi. My dad has a farmall super M and I thought about restoring it for 4-H. What do you guys think?
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    Types of clippers

    I just wondered what you guys recomend for clippers. I will be showing breeding heifer and market beef next year and wanted to do my own clipping. I thought I could practice on them in the winter. Any help?
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    injured bull... What to do with him

    He is surely gone. The icy winter really got one of his legs. he can barely walk. We are getting rid of him for sure. We already took him to the vet and he got better for a while then got worse than before. He seems even two bad for the sale barn and locker. What to do?
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    AI companys in the mid-west

    Hi. I am looking for good AI comapanys in the mid west with good bulls and semen. Any help? :help: