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    Some English Longhorns - Dunster Castle

    [/image] Some longhorns belonging to my neighbours - Luttrell family
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    Some American Mashona bulls while you wait on Walnutcrest -https://sangacattle.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=194027855 the scurred bulls will throw polled calves and scurred...
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    Nguni cattle pictures for interest.

    Nguni Bull Nguni Cow Nguni Bull and Cow pair. Nguni sale bull - Nandi stud.
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    Regenerative grazing.

    Is anyone attending the Sustainable Ranching and Regenerative Grazing courses in July and August?
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    Afrikana cattle

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    Should this be CAB standards?

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    Veldmaster bull

    A four year old Veldmaster bull, part of the South African composite program run by Johann Zietsman, low maintenence grass developed bull. What are the thoughts on a similar program for the southern states in the USA?
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    Cattle Industry Misconceptions; Chip Hines.

    http://sangacattle.webs.com/apps/forums ... ?page=last
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    Beef Production In The Tropics - Johann Zietsman.

    http://sangacattle.webs.com/apps/forums ... ?page=last
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    Drakensberger, a future in the USA?

    http://www.studbook.co.za/Society/drake ... 1_rev2.pdf
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    Childrens' story site

    http://www.knowonder.com/2011/11/27/may ... #more-2054 They post a new story every day, maes for a good source of (free) bedtime stories.
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    Profitable Ranching site;

    http://www.sustainableranching.co.za/pr ... gement.htm
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    Chip Hines website;

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    A link for the Hereford breeders.

    http://www.thebeefsite.com/news/35570/b ... t-brisbane There is a further link in the article.
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    Some outdoor pig fences.

    middlewhite sows behind two strand electric wire. Weaner piglets behind sheep netting with single electric training wire. close up of training wire. Close up of adjustable insulators. Store pigs behind two strand fence. Sow and litter behind three strand fence. Another view of the sow and...
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    Some black bovines.

    Some of the dairy herd, due to be turned out to grass this weekend. One of the massagers! A view of the feeding passage Weaned calves, not eligable for CAB but we get a premium through the farm shop anyway. A new Buffalo calf. Just thought this might be interesting, a little different from...
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    Foot and mouth outbreak in South Africa

    SOUTH AFRICA - 12 outbreaks of foot and mouth disease (FMD) has been confirmed in the Kwazulu-Natal region of South Africa. Dr Bothle Michael Modisane, Chief Director Partnerships of the Department of Agriculture alerted the World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) late last week. The affected...
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    Terminal bull or herd sire?

    No subsidised feeding, produces 70-75 lb calves, would you use him to produce heifers, or do you consider him too heavily muscled? I have been having a discussion on this bull,and would value some wider opinion.
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    Training cattle to act as a herd

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    Christmas Greetings

    Wishing all forum members a blessed Christmas and happiness and prosperity in the new year.