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  1. Dsth

    New red angus heifer!

    looks great. I really like the red cows mixed in with my blacks when they are grazing out in the pasture during the summer.
  2. Dsth

    I’m considering running for state representative

    it sure would be nice to get an honest hard working individual making the voices of the people heard. I would say if that is what you want, then give it all you got and good luck.
  3. Dsth

    January morning

    My rat terrier dog gets a Caesar bowl on sat, sun, and holidays. first morning with the old dry dog food is not her favorite meal, but she eats it after she knows that she will not be getting a Caesar bowl. funny that some people say animals are stupid. nice looking cattle and country side.
  4. Dsth

    Hello from the Lambeths...

  5. Dsth

    11 million more citizens

    all that make their way up from Mexico will also get free health care. wondering what that will do to an already overworked and stressed health care system. hope you and family members stay healthy.
  6. Dsth

    Winter feeding

    raising livestock is probably not your main income so I would suggest do things the way that makes you happy. once you depend on the livestock as a part of your income, hopefully you will be confident on how you should move forward. asking for advise along the way is a great way to get options...
  7. Dsth

    Will constantly keeping hay in front of cattle make them bloat?

    I start feeding free choice alfalfa hay in the fall when pastures get short and start calving in December. cows and calves have free choice hay until spring when pastures are growing good. only time I had a bloat problem was after calves pulled down a piece of Styrofoam insulation and ate some...
  8. Dsth

    What main stream media leaves out

    things that I have read or heard; (1), the president has no control over the capital police (2,) congress has control of the capital police (3,) the FBI warned pelosi about possible violence Jan 6th days in advance (4,) capital police gave 4 antifa buses escorts to the front of the capital...
  9. Dsth


    cattle can sense when a storm is coming. they prepare themselves by finding whatever shelter may be available, huddle together to protect themselves against the elements, and kick their survival skill into action. They do need extra feed to help maintain body temperature. They can survive on...
  10. Dsth

    Howdy from North Central Texas

    glad you decided to join us and welcome to the CT family. hope you enjoy your time here.
  11. Dsth

    Well done, Warden!

    that was nice to watch. thanks for posting, wardens earned their pay that day.
  12. Dsth

    Cow Prolapse and No calf

    my cow had a nice size bull calf last night and no prolapse this morning when she was laying down. both seem to be doing fine. hope you have similar luck with your cow.
  13. Dsth

    Selecting bulls for new farm

    I side with Warren and would AI if that is an option. I can't see spending $2000 on a bull that can handle 20 - 25 cows in a breeding season and then feed it the rest of the year. You can be more selective on which bull you can use on each cow depending on what you want to improve. you are also...
  14. Dsth

    The US dollar is crashing.

    I heard he is accused of coverup for all the catholic priest that abused young boys. I could be wrong because I seen it on the internet.
  15. Dsth

    Cow Prolapse and No calf

    may be looking thinner just because the calf is in the delivery channel. my bet is that she still has the calf inside. my experience is once they have the calf, the vaginal prolapse goes away. I have a cow right now that looks the same way and I know for sure that the calf is still in her. The...
  16. Dsth

    Why do they run for cubes?

    my fondest memory from years ago was when my brother-in-law (city boy) asked what the eclectic probe was for as he was holding and wondering how it worked. It was one of those 24" probes with 4 d cell batteries. I was explaining it to him when he found the button while he was also holding the...
  17. Dsth

    Cow Prolapse and No calf

    I agree with Buck. A rectal exam may help determine if the calf is still in there. bumping a calf is hard to detect if it is in the delivery position already.
  18. Dsth

    What main stream media leaves out

    it will be interesting to see how much is true and see what happens in the future.
  19. Dsth

    Yall hold on....

    As my wife and I are getting closer to retirement. we have both contacted our IRA advisors to move our investments to safer investments. Wife's account was 97% tied directly to the stock market and mine at 66% but now reduced to 29-30% tied to stock market. Maybe right. Maybe wrong ,but...
  20. Dsth

    Georgia run off today.................

    Pardons Granted by President Barack Obama (2009-2017) (justice.gov) if the link doesn't work, just type in "Obama presidential pardons". I counted 15 drug offenders before I got tired of looking down the list. probably his cocaine and meth buddies. a pretty long list.