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    Visitors from the south

    Just don't stand under the tree to take the picture.
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    Dogs and the people who name them.

    I have a friend down in Chambers County that always has a dog named Dan. When one Dan dies, his replacement will also be a Dan. He does it so he can remember their name.
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    17 gauge wire

    Yes, I have used it and it works fine. Be sure to get the wire that is specifically for electric fencing and you won't have any rust problems.
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    Let the good times roll

    Which sale barn were you at?
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    Sale Barn Cattle

    This subject has literally been beat to death on this board, but I will take a turn at bat again and offer my two cents worth. I have bought and sold cattle in sale barns for years and hope to again. I like sale barns and consider them one of the corner stones of the beef cattle industry...
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    new to the board from waller texas

    Welcome to the board from an old Hempstead boy. I would say that you need a way to confine your calves to a small area (a pen or corral of some sort), and someway to work and/or load them (a chute). You may also want a way to restrain them for shots, worming, tagging, branding, doctoring etc...
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    need advice- selling a 1 month old calve

    It is my opinion that if a competent person, with some experience in raising orphan calves, offers to take it off your hands for free you should consider yourself lucky and be very grateful. Sorry about your loss.
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    Easily treated with iodine. Use a rough cloth and rub it in well.
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    If you will Google "Cattle Handling Facilities" you will get a bunch of useable ideas. It will probably help you more if you could visit a few cattlemen in your area and look at what they have and discuss their facilities with them. Most of them will gladly show you what they have and tell you...
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    First time land owner needs advice..

    I fully agree with MSSCAMP. If you feel like you need a fence then just get busy and build it. I wouldn't check with anyone, especially the law or an attorney, I would be headed down to the store to buy some fencing material. Be sure that you know exactly where the property line is and keep...
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    Fly problem help?

    I would use a screw worm aerosol spray with permethrim. You can get it at your local feed store. It will kill maggots dead in a hurry. I'm not suggesting that the other suggested treatments won't work, I just know that this will do the job quickly and reliably.
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    External Parasite?

    Sounds like it may be warts. They are more common around the head and neck but do show up on the back occasionally. There are any number of home remedies, but the best treatment, in my opinion, is to leave them alone. They will go away on their own in a couple a months. They are most common...
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    Anschutz Ranch

    Wyoming and Utah.
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    Intracoastal waterway

    Here is one - http://ocsdata.ncd.noaa.gov/OnLineViewe ... rTable.htm
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    heifer with a limp

    The last cow that came up lame at my place had a roofing nail in the soft part of her hoof. Before I started treating one for an infection, I would check her out pretty closely for some sort of foreign object.
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    Castrating newborn bull calf

    In my opinion, new born calves get along just fine without any interference from their owners. Our mommas calve out in the pasture and are in charge of raising their calves. When we pen and work the cattle in the spring, we will cut, tag, vaccinate and brand the calves as needed, but not...
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    Just a few questions

    What's wrong with Texas? Some pretty good cattle country right here.
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    Need help & opinoions on new venture.

    You just can't beat a Jersey for a good nurse cow.
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    Gas Line

    I think that you may be talking about the gas leak here in Smith County a few nights ago. That leak ignited and made one heck of a fire. There wasn't any danger to the neighbors as long as the fire was burning since all of the escaping gas was being consumed. Also, gas burns clean so there...
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    raising cattle on a small scale

    msscamp is correct again, as usual. Whenever the subject of sale barns comes up, certain posters can't wait to trash them and all of the buyers and sellers that use them. IMHO, sale barns are an important part of the cattle industry and an indispensable part of most cattle operations. To warn...