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    horses working cows

    Using quads to handles cattle is like wiping your butt with a pine cone-it's painful to do-painful to watch and you can only do half a job. A neighbor had two bulls get in my cows and offered to bring his fourwheelers-he was told to go sit in his house and I'd let him know when I had them back...
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    Culling yearling replacements?

    A short breeding season will pick the fertile ones for you.
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    The Challenge

    If we went to multisire pastures I think the athletic, fertile bulls would rise to the top simply because they'd sire the most progeny. There is getting to be a bit of 'faintheart' syndrome in Angus cattle-I'm picking on them because that is mostly what we run-a bit of adversity in some lines...
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    The Challenge

    Wasn't much of one-if I was rich I'd hire a Lear Jet get the main protagonists together and let them have it. Internet testosterone gets pretty stale.
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    The Challenge

    Those two sites are too much like the Vagina Monologues for me lol.
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    Your best beef eating experience?

    It's a pretty sad cowboy that has to eat his own beef.
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    Highland feeders at Vegreville,Alberta has fed for us for years. They take pretty good care of a small customer like myself and great care of the cattle. I haven't fed anything since this little deal I got going with the tumours-we had to sell down our cows but I really like retaining ownership...
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    Steers are just a byproduct at our place we really try and do a good job of making replacement females. I had some very good heifermates to these steers but had a few that weren't quite what I like. Maybe I have to be a bit more careful as to what i breed them to-the 461Z bull needs to be...
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    Here's one out of the old 461Z bull and a baldy cow
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    The old 461Z daughter
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    [IMG]http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b320/Rancher1962/Cows/SteersHighland010.jpg[/IMG South Devon steer out of a baldy cow
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    I actually have a good bank on two bulls-any fullblood English cattle I have seen were quite frankly too unsound for me. I might flush the 461Z daughter to our Prairie Granite 112G bull and raise what bulls I need from there. The 112G bull had great feet and was a cat out breeding he bred 80...
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    I still use south Devon on our cows-we did use them as part of a three breed rotation but were having trouble finding bulls that were consistant enough in regards to udder quality. I even have a purebred south devon cow from a Leachman Devonaire daughter we flushed to Murray Brown's l-7 461Z she...
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    I've bought alot of bulls on order over the years-I used to disposition test Saler bulls by sorting them off by themselves and getting an idea of how they would handle it. There are breeds known for wild that have really improved their cattle disposition so they could survive in the bull...
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    I guess I didn't make myself clear-I wasn't considering them as a strictly terminal cross. I was just curious as to how the steers might feed-I'd be interested in using the females back in the breeding herd. Angus just aren't Angus anymore-they've got Limo muscling, Charolais growth and saler...
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    More Bull pics - first new grass of the year

    Gee whiz I thought for a minute I'd tuned into a 5barX peeathon!
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    Has anybody here ran them on black baldy cows and retained ownership on the calves through till slaughter. We kept some 1/4 Brahma heifers the result of some erstwhile bucking bulls. They wintered on hay and licked snow and were some of the first to calve out on grass. I'm getting pretty...
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    New Bull Is Here

    I saw him about a month ago he's right around a frame 5 bull I'm thinking.
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    The bull has some foot issues as well. The home ranch and the one i manage calves several hundred Angus cows out on grass-pen calved and raised bulls just don't work it's as simple as that-when the Angus breed strayed from it's base strength of practical mother cows it started on a slippery...
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    Pic of the Day

    You could keep her for a nurse cow to throw twins on etc-we had an old Jersey we used that for. She paid her way in alot of ways raised a 22 point bucking bull off her too lol.