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  1. MO_cows

    That one hurt.

    Lost a cow and calf this week. It haunts me for a couple reasons. For one, it might have been prevented if I had been called at work sooner. Probably not the calf, but might have saved the cow. For two, the cow was only 7 and a real sweetheart. One of the ones who comes up to see what you...
  2. MO_cows

    Til death do us part

    That's the vow I took and I meant it. But notice, nothing said about CAUSE of death. Because this might be the time I have to kill him! He bought a used SUV for a song. Great, way to go honey, let's fix it up a little and flip it. Proceeds to benefit the New House Fund. We can triple our...
  3. MO_cows

    I'm in trouble!

    I didn't mean to do it, but I did. Someone gave hubby a jar of peach moonshine for Christmas cheer. We had a sample sip and put it in the frig. It was really good, sweet and peachy on the front end with the 'shine "bite" on the back end. Prior to that, I had also put some pink grapefruit...
  4. MO_cows

    Gotta love a small town.......

    Hubby works for a small town, public works. Water main break, sewer problem, he gets the call. So when the phone rang at 2 am this morning, he answered it with a sense of dread. Please, Lord, don't let it be a water leak. It was in the teens with a brisk north wind, the worst kind of night...
  5. MO_cows

    Baseball is fun again!

    We follow the Royals, and this year has really been something. Got a wild card slot and won that game but it took 12 innings. Then they started a best of 5 series with the Angels, the best team in baseball - on paper anyways. The series started in LA. Royals won the first game, it took 11...
  6. MO_cows

    Breaded Tomatoes

    I haven't had them in years but remember them fondly. But I can't make them like I remember. Tonight I tried some with frozen diced tomatoes which had a lot of the juice and seeds squeezed out of them before freezing. For the bread, I used a day old baguette which was very dry and should have...
  7. MO_cows

    Longmire is back

    Watched the start of season 3 last night, thought it was pretty good. Much better than what the "big 3" networks are offering. I think they are gonna pull the old "brother" trick to explain the supposedly dead guy who shot Branch.
  8. MO_cows


    Yesterday a tornado tore up our little town. We live a few miles outside city limits, we clearly saw the wall cloud with rotation but didn't realize there was a tornado touchdown happening. Couldn't see the funnel from our perspective. This happened to be my birthday, so I wonder if it's like...
  9. MO_cows

    It feels good

    Was able to help someone who is in a bad situation and it sure feels good. Acquaintances, haven't spent enough time together to honestly call them friends. The husband pulled over to help a stranded motorist and a semi ran into the back of him. He was horribly injured, unconscious for days...
  10. MO_cows

    Worst case scenario

    Our matriarch cow, going on 11, was looking really wide and uncomfortable last night. She usually bags up so big and tight you think it will bust so I thought she still had a few days before she calved. And her previous calf was Nov. 2012 so she was early. This morning she was eating hay but...
  11. MO_cows

    Did they kill it or find it?

    Had an out of season calf born this week. Didn't realize calving was imminent or we would have been watching closer. The heifer who had the calf is just 18 months old, management error on our part. She was looking wide but didn't bag up or give other clues. So I heard bawling when I got up...
  12. MO_cows

    The ads have sound now??

    We just got a new computer, it has Windows 8 and I'm lost with it. It's like this new computer is a giant smart phone and dadgummit, it's smarter than me! Now some of the ads at the top of the page are frickin videos and they get loaded up and start blaring about the time I start reading a thread.
  13. MO_cows

    H e ! ! on wheels is back

    Anybody else watch it? I thought they were all in, all done but a new season has started.
  14. MO_cows

    Research-Salmonella resistance in cattle

    Put this in "breeds" board since it is tied to genetics. According to this research, there really is such a thing as salmonella resistance in cattle. Wonder if there is similar research going on for e-coli? http://www.progressivecattle.com/index. ... Itemid=159
  15. MO_cows

    Teen with toy gun almost shot by police

    Here is the story: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/03/21/41 ... olice.html They were talking about this on the radio today and milking every drop of drama out of it. The police officer was a superhuman hero for spotting the orange tip, and the kid was soooooo lucky he immediately obeyed the...
  16. MO_cows

    49,000 gallons - where is it???

    The water district came around to read meters today. Got a call that our son's place showed 49k gallons used, waaay more than usual. So son and hubby are over there digging up the lines and trying to find the leak. Wouldn't 49k gallons create a swamp somewhere?????
  17. MO_cows

    Got your black eyed peas?

    Gotta have black eyed peas on New Year's Day for luck. This is a tradition from my dear departed mother in law. She was from a tiny little town on the Mo/Ark border and very southern influenced. She insisted all her kids come by and have a bowl on New Year's day for luck. Unfortunately, she...
  18. MO_cows

    Ouch! That hurt

    ...the bottom line that is. Had to buy some hay. Hay guy number 1 didn't have all the hay we wanted/needed this year due to the drought. But bless his heart, he only raised the price $5 per bale. So we call hay guy number 2. He says, got you covered, just call me when you are ready to move...
  19. MO_cows

    A project

    In the little town we live close to, more than 1 out of 10 homes is in foreclosure. Every block has empty houses with notices in the window. Not mcmansions, either, modest older homes. They have been selling so cheap it is unreal. So my dad took a wild hair and bought one, a 1950's ranch...
  20. MO_cows

    Soybeans in round bales?

    Saw a field of soybeans getting cut and put into round bales. The beans were stunted from the drought, maybe just over knee high. They do have pods all down the stalk, probably much smaller than normal. How would that be for feed? Seems like they would pick thru the stalks and eat the beans...