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    Are we getting soft?

    Oh sassy, what cold wind blew you back on here? Day 2 of school cancelled. Day 2 of car not starting. Same thing that chased you on! Its too cold to work outside and all of the inside stuff has been done more than once, and I can't leave. Its like the Hotel California. It was either check...
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    Water ?

    There have been some head butting discussions on this board over this issue. I have always felt strongly that cattle should have access to water everyday. They can "survive" on snow, but it compromises their entire system from bringing down body temp, burning extra calories they need to go into...
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    Happy Birthday HD! :bday:
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    Are we getting soft?

    If the windchill wasn't so brutal you could always take the broom. Course when you don't have enough fingers to fill out a glove, hanging on might be an extra trick....
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    Zimmerman Evidence held for DOJ

    :lol2: Such a ferocious little fellow. Well perhaps, as in the video, it gives the rest of us something to laugh at.
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    What would you recommend to start an 8 year old boy?

    Definitely beef calves, and preferably heifers. Whoever said he was going to get attached was right, I have done this with my kids as well. I have bottle raised literally countless bottle calves and the beef babies (hand down and calf after calf) are significantly hardier than the dairy...
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    She's keeping me guessing....

    Oh alison! I was so pleased to see you got your baby, but now I read this. I would not have even known where to begin to help her, but it sounds like you are doing all you can and a great job at that. Hoping we hear better news today, and all is well!
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    She's keeping me guessing....

    :lol2: Crack me up! Tomorrow's update will be "She looked at me sideways ~ I think this could be it!" ;-) Been there, done that Alison. Half the fun for them is keeping us stomping around pastures and peeking around trees. Good luck and carry on!
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    Contest 8 - 14 April "Insects...."

    :? Same here! The insects are a bit smarter than the Canadian and snow geese who came back to Mn and are now standing around on the ice wondering where they are going to lay their eggs. I will be interested to see what people come up with!
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    Hmmmm...... low to the ground, not afraid of anything and prickly. I'm thinking if you were Native American the porcupine would be your spirit guide. :lol2:
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    Fairy Tales

    :shock: What?? The whole thread is gone? Jesus take the wheel!! :roll:
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    Spring not

    We gave you Prince, Bob Dylan and MM, you gave us corn. Sorry about Al, I don't know what happened there. 0 degrees out this morning, so things are looking up. woowhoo. :roll:
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    Spring not

    -4F this morning. Day 4 of indoor recess for the littles. Mn still sucks.
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    Finally a BWF!

    Congrats on your new calf ~ BWF babies are adorable! Losing six calves is awfully tough! What happened?
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    Spring not

    Its 2 degrees this morning with a "feels like" temp of -19. Yesterday the windchill prevented our youngest kids from going outside for recess so they ran through the halls. The snow is so deep that no one has a mailbox anymore. I have been trying to keep my chin up, but Minnesota sucks.
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    Calves won't nurse

    At 2 weeks and 1 month, with no prior exposure, I'd be interested to hear if anything you try works. Good luck!
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    Dumb and dead

    At this point in the thread it is blatantly obvious that everyone here has come to argue, not learn. You are not even making the effort to provide a well thought out argument, but are throwing rocks from the sidelines. I have better things to do with my time.
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    Dumb and dead

    Perhaps it feels like that hook, and I apologize if it does. It is not my intention nor my history at any other time on here in the past 7 years to be mean for the sake of being mean. I am legitimately opposed to the way you manage your cattle, this does not mean it is wrong, it means I...
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    Dumb and dead

    Trying to. I should try harder. Someone has to learn something from this, it might as well be me.
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    Going for black baldy market

    Ah, makes sense to me! :nod: Good luck with whatever you choose!