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    spinning jenny

    Considering a multiple reel spinning jenny for 4000' rolls of HT smooth wire, either bought or made. Any suggestions? I have the standard single reel. It has been welded probably 3 or 4 times. I'd prefer a bit more durable. So I guess I'd have to consider the ones with bearings. My preference...
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    I cannot remember if the last fescue discussion got locked or not

    Yearling heifers. I breed them on fungus fescue. It lets them cull immediately if they cannot handle it. They are all doing pretty good.
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    Mycorrhizal Applications

    Anybody ever used them or thought about using them? Two examples are linked. Thanks. https://www.valent.com/agriculture/products/mycoapply/index.cfm https://www.ag-usa.net/
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    Hair shedding study

    http://blog.steakgenomics.org/2017/01/ebeeforg-hair-shedding-scores-tool-to.html Would tie directly into fescue issues.
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    gas powered t post driver

    Anybody use one, recommend one, say to avoid a brand, suggestions, ...? Thanks.
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    Lost the chance to get an answer on Roy Beebe's rules

    Roy Beebe’s Six Rules to Environmentally Adapted Breeding 1. Each year, eliminate any cow that fails to calve trouble free or wean a calf. 2. Select replacement heifers from cows that breed early in the breeding season and calve unassisted. 3. Keep the bred heifers that breed early in the...
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    Human use of livestock wormer

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3043740/ Interesting read
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    Litter and lime spreader

    Anybody ever used a Stolzfus spreader? A fellow told me about them last night. Looks like they are heavy built. I know there are other brands: Warren, BBI, Chandler. Is there a lot of difference on quality, needed maintenance, resale value, function, ...between the brands? What options would...
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    Texas beans

    Some years back we were in the Edwards Plateau area on a group cattle trip. Many of the places we ate had a serving or a dish of pinto beans with no obvious other food mixed in the beans but a good flavor from some spices. I asked several times and all they called them were pinto beans or Texas...
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    Touching up galvanized gates and handling equipment

    Anybody have a recommendation on a type of paint to use to deal with spots that are beginning to rust on galvanized gates, panels and such? I'd rather not go with spray cans but would consider if it was just touching up small problems. Thanks.
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    Angus hoof and udder scoring

    Since the breed has begun scoring and apparently wants better cattle in terms of more proper hooves and correct udders, why not remove any animal from the breed which scores or produces cattle that score on the worst ends of hooves (1,2, 8 & 9) or score on the extreme worst side of udder...
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    Anyone using or used Mix 30

    Had someone recommend it. Just looked at the website. Any comments? Thanks.
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    rock bucket versus 3 PTH landscape rake

    On new ground with some pieces of wood, roots and rock, which would work best. Would prefer a bucket on the front end loader to look ahead instead of watching behind and wonder if landscape rakes will hold up. Or other ideas are welcomed.
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    In case you are interested

    Lambs in NE GA sale yesterday averaged about $2/pound without a wide range.
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    Supplementing with some form of alfalfa

    Anybody ever limit feed alfalfa hay, cubes or pellets. With the drought in the SE USA we were looking at options other than short distance hay and wondered how limited alfalfa would stack up against commodities like CGP or SHP. Thanks.
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    Oliver Angus Sale

    Anybody know how it turned out?
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    How will this affect cattle prices? Short term or long term?
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    Dead calf...

    The season and temperature should hold down calf weights at birth now through fall. If your heifers are fat (pones on tail head, ball in brisket) then the condition and feeding is an issue but I don't think that you can pull fat off of them quick enough to help anyway. If this heifer is fat...
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    Semen tanks

    Any thought or experiences on sizes, brands, ... Thinking about getting a new one as the current one has some years on it. I do not know if anything has changed in options. Thanks.
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    Didn't know where to put this

    http://onpasture.com/2016/01/25/knowing-when-to-keep-your-money-in-your-pocket/ Not just about cows but should include cow stories and cow buying. Might also cover boots, vests, socks and such. Worth the read to me. "Fool me once" is one too many times.