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  1. Limomike

    wulf deal

    Any of the rest of you Limflex of Limo breeders get information about what Wulf is offering to any commercial breeder to buy up your calves? Whats that deal all about??
  2. Limomike

    medicine injecting rifle

    Do any of you all use one of these? A medicine injecting rifle.??? If so, whats the pros and cons of them? A friend of mine's son, worked at a big ranch in Texass and he said they used them all the time there from horseback to vaccinate. Just wondering about you guys, and if you do have...
  3. Limomike

    Amazingly tough

    A 5 year old simmental cow that my neighbor had given me a few years back, had a beautiful black white faced bull calf about 3 days ago. I had just opened up my 80 acre hay pasture for them to start grazing it, and the grass was fairly thick and about 2 foot high, and some places had Johnson...
  4. Limomike

    Time to put out the signs OR

    While checking my fences on my 80 acre hay pasture (which I am not finished haying yet) I found the top 3 barbed wires of my fence had been cut from the north corner post to the next T-post. The last two wires had been stomped to the ground, and the top 3 wires were no where to be found. Not...
  5. Limomike

    JD parts pricey

    Just had to order a few (5 parts ) for my 3 point and they all totaled $176. :shock: Not one part is bigger than my middle finger...
  6. Limomike

    hip height

    Do any breeds have a basic hip height and frame score determination that they go by ? I was wondering because I was looking over this article, and had no idea if certain breeds had requirements for their bulls or cows? http://pods.dasnr.okstate.edu/docushare ... 271web.pdf
  7. Limomike

    Makes me think twice...

    About going to Colorado... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu5poba ... e=youtu.be
  8. Limomike

    two of my best gals

    These are two of my best RA cows, just fantastic producers. I have had em over 8 years.. so they are pushing 12 years old now. Still breed back on time, and calve easy.. raise a whale of a calf. wish they would last for 20 years..
  9. Limomike

    Bulls are growing..

    Here is my 21 month old bull I call Zowie Reg#LFM2024921 (just in case u guys want to see his EPD's) And here is my other 19 month old bull I call Whiskey. He is an Upshot son, and Dollar General in his background Reg#LFM2031619
  10. Limomike

    Pic of heifer.. puzzling

    I finally got a photo of the here of the heifer I was talking about. Had to pull a calf from her, and she looks like this now. She walks fine, eats good, drinks, just dont know if she will breed back good, or have another calf very well.
  11. Limomike

    First for me..

    Had to pull a calf from a heifer the other day, BIG headed calf, that was dead. He77 of a one to pull thats for sure.. Anyway, the heifer is ok, except she got a bit of an infection, I cleaned her out good, then I shot her with some LA300, two differnt times. Shes back to normal that way, but...
  12. Limomike

    Gator tires

    I was given a 2000 gator by my cousin, it wouldnt run, but I got it going, but my main problem is the tires. Seems like everytime I take it out, I end up repairing a flat on it. Are there better tires or something that will help keep them from going flat as often? Any type of filler that you...
  13. Limomike

    Weed / brush control

    Just thought I would share this site with you all.. Even though most of you know what to put on your pastures and when, it doesnt help to have a reminder once in a while. I know I need it quite often.. http://www.cattlementocattlemen.org/uDo ... ontrol.pdf
  14. Limomike

    First one lost

    I was having a good spring season until I got home yesterday evening..out checking & feeding the cows.. found one of my heifers in the north shed.. laying there with a dead bull calf. She looks like she had it ok..but I know she must have strained because she could not get up. Afterbirth was...
  15. Limomike

    Fishing with a hand grenade...

    Fishing with a hand grenade. 1. Pull the pin. 2. Throw it far from the boat. 3. Net the stunned and dead fish. These guys forgot step 2... http://dragonlaffs.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/14.gif
  16. Limomike

    Time to replace

    My 15 yr old galvanized stock tank has a leak in the seam now. I have patched up several holes on the side, so I guess I'm going to have to pry open the wallet and get a new one. Any thoughts on the new poly tanks? I have heard good and bad.. but just wanting some opinions on them versus...
  17. Limomike

    Smart or not?

    Just wondering what you guys ( and gals) think of this type of handgun? Watch the video: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/we- ... story.html
  18. Limomike

    Composite bull

    Have any of you known anyone to use a composite bull (black baldy for instance) on a cross bred herd of cows and do any good? I was asked that question the other day, about my own herd, and I just told them I have only used full blood bulls, and have never considered using any other. Made...
  19. Limomike

    Got it done early

    Opening gun day... 20+ does come wondering across my pasture, about 150 yards away.. with one nice 8 point buck trailing them. They disappeared into some dead johnson grass , and then about 20 mins later .. the buck showed up in a clearing. BAM! shot him and he ran over to my neighbors...
  20. Limomike

    BW or else?

    I have a question for you guys: Do you think lower birthweights (say 60's - 70's range) are more important than having a small head and small shoulder calves that would average aroun nd the high 70's - 80s?