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  1. Alan

    Your choice of 1911.

    I thinking about adding a 1911 .45acp to my safe. What is your 1911 of choices for under $1000?
  2. Alan

    Newest addition to my gun safe

    Fun little gun! I picked this up yesterday and have only put 20 rounds through it shots nice and feels great in my big mits. It's the Browning 1911 in a .22, it's brownings model which is scaled dow to 85% of the 1911. I'm going to enjoy this one!
  3. Alan

    Just a morning chuckle

  4. Alan

    Okay I'm going to go political!

    My good friend has a son who is a Marine, tech op guy, he texted her tonight and told her they have yet to get paid since the government shut down. They still get leave, just no money to do anything on the leave with. They have been eating a supplemental meals, he calls it a sack lunch...
  5. Alan

    Is it just me or did the site change?

    I have always been able to view "active topics" without signing in. In the last couple of days I need to login to see current topics...."active topics". May simply be a hiccup the site is going through and might be new policy.... just curious if it's my computer or everyone is dealing with it.
  6. Alan

    Kids and farm equipment, how old? -poll

    How old is old enough for a child to start operating farm equipment? For sake of argument let's say a skid steer......... and I know "every kid is different". So please don't play that card, just your average kid.
  7. Alan

    Sous vide rib eye, ? For Jo or anyone

    Planning on trying your tips on sous vide with a rib eye. I'll season the steak and then vacuum seal it, place in simmering water at about 150 degrees for about three hours. First question is I assume the steak will be float, if so do I need to turn the bag every so often? Also simmering in...
  8. Alan

    I just bought a new computer, need help with excel

    It's been years since I bought a new computer, but was forced to since my old one was slowly losing one thing after another, like opening my quickbooks program and running the disk drive, neither works on the old one anymore. The old one came with the new version of windows 7 several years...
  9. Alan

    How early for C- section?

    I have a late bred cow, no doubt 3 to 6 weeks from calving, good cow and not too old. A few weeks after a freezing rain and she was on a hill I found her down and feet up, I turned her over and she was up in about a half hour. But in the the next few weeks I could tell she had hurt herself...
  10. Alan

    Insurance quote rant, little help please

    In a nut shell we had a elderly lady run into our business, she took out our wheel chair ramp. Had the adjuster out and she did all her measurements and figuring. I received the insurance company's estimate broken down......red flag she estimated the "Construction workers general labor" at...
  11. Alan

    What's going to happen to Baylor's football program?

    Seems to be a mess waiting to explode, I won't go into a bunch of details, easy enough to get online. 52 rapes by football players in, I believe a four year period, some gang rapes. Wonder why the shyt hasn't hit the fan yet. Briles seemed to try to cover up things more than stop the assaults...
  12. Alan

    Ever see a Duck flop?

    During last night Oregon vs Utah game, this morning how can it not be just funny? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JaqGtuxfLbY
  13. Alan

    Working with Millennials.....Snowflakes

    As many of you know my wife and I have owned a business for several years, most of our staff are younger "adults" and mostly younger ladies...... ahh girls. For years both my wife and I have thought with us getting older our communication skills have declined due to.... well us turning into our...
  14. Alan

    Is this an assault rifle, my xmas to myself

    Bought this for myself a few days ago, not really a Xmas present to myself just a rifle I have wanted for a while. Would this be considered an assault rifle? How about now?
  15. Alan

    Hot Blonde gets pulled over

    A cop pulls over a car and behind the wheel is a hot blonde. Cop walks up and asks the blonde for her drivers license, so the blonde grabs her over sized purse and fumbles around in it for a bit, looks at the cop and explains she can't seem to find it. Cop says we'll do you have any photo ID...
  16. Alan

    What for Christmas dinner?

    Just my wife and I at home this year, so I'll put a roast in the smoker and let it go low and slow to medium rare. Then on the meat slicer and toast some ciabatta bread. Enjoy some French dips and/or Philly cheese steak sandwiches through the day. Sit in the recliner until I'm sick of...
  17. Alan

    CB, a good coat for damp, cold weather.

    You mentioned in another post you are tired of JC penny's coats. I have worn these coats (Carhartt) for years and mostly as a work coat. They wear like iron and plenty warm. I'm not messing around now, but Dave and I do have the type of weather you're having now most of the winter. Great...
  18. Alan

    Need help from a chef or wannabe like me, pepper grinder

    I'm ready to toss my third pepper grinder, they work great for a few weeks and then I hardly get anything from them. I love the taste of fresh ground pepper but seems sooner or later I have to reach for the pepper shaker. As I said, the pepper grinder works great for a few weeks and then I can...
  19. Alan

    College FB coaching carousel has began

    Sounds like Hermann has been offered the LSU job, he has until Saturday to decide...... oh BTW, happy Thanksgiving coach Orgeron! You got screw again. It also leaked that Oregon has offered Hermann a job, again he has until Saturday to decide, but it sounds like Helfirch is gone.
  20. Alan

    Next weeks 4 playoff teams, football

    Bama won......again Clemson loss Michigan goes down on the road Dawgs go down So at this point only one undefeated teams left, well two if we're counting western Michigan. 1. So who are next weeks top four? 2. I think Dawgs are out of the playoffs, does a PAC 12 make it in the playoffs? (I...