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  1. Aaron

    Sold calves yesterday.

    1.78 CDN = $1.37 US 2.20 CDN = $1.67 US 2.50 CDN = $1.92 US 2.76 CDN = $2.12 US
  2. Aaron

    Which one?

    Trying to narrow down colors on the next purchase. Thought the rapid red with stone grey tone for the longest time and have seen in person, but the blue jeans with magnetic tone is pretty nice too. The stock images are the actual configuration, just added the others to give an idea on real...
  3. Aaron

    Bet you never seen a bull do this.

    Have hoped for the last number of years to catch my old fella in his performance. I was to slow to switch over to video, but I did get a quick pic back in September. I've told lots of people, but I don't think they believe me. He flips himself upside down to scratch his back on the dirt and...
  4. Aaron

    Free vaccination webinar with Cody Creelman

    Should be time well spent. Cody is very knowledgeable. Free to anyone who registers while spots available. https://veterinary.lpages.co/cow-vaccine-webinar/
  5. Aaron

    Sold a few today.

    Was time to round up any dry cows and a handful of fall yearling steers to go to town before the bottom falls out of the market here. $2 CDN is $1.52 US $0.80 CDN is $0.61 US
  6. Aaron

    Fence - want your opinion

    This is how I have been doing my gate braces. Just wondering if I should add a 2nd opposing brace wire (in pink) to help support the gate or am I going against myself with too many directional forces. I haven't had any issues up until now with shifting, even with frost/thaw over 4' down. Just...
  7. Aaron

    We aren't all potheads, but we are all cokeheads!

    Wastewater tests reveal Canadians' drug use MONTREAL—A pilot project that analyzed wastewater in five major urban centres suggests Canadians' may use drugs differently depending on which city they call home. For example, the analysis by Statistics Canada showed cannabis levels are much higher...
  8. Aaron

    What's it worth?

    Coming up at auction in 4 weeks. Neighbor bought one new in 1995 for about 5K (3750 US) and it doesn't have the tandem wheels. Very heavy built. Be about 30'. Just so happens that I was needing a decent bale wagon this year to replace the old one.
  9. Aaron

    Got the boys home.

    Got my new boys home end of last week. I'm pretty happy with them. https://youtu.be/bHsxiFMt4W4 https://youtu.be/uvnXsMI_Ww8 https://youtu.be/54rphgZqyeo https://youtu.be/xncJgqimhqg
  10. Aaron


    Anyone using it in their cowherd? I am trying to eliminate the few Salmonella infections/deaths I have had in 2 week old/month old calves in the last couple of years. That was vet's recommendation and from the vaccine manufacturer literature it seems like a pretty good option. I have my Rota...
  11. Aaron

    First 8 minutes tells the tale.

  12. Aaron

    Milk Fever in Cows - Helpful Article

    I am reposting these images as a new thread so that someone can find if looking for answers surrounding milk fever, in the future. There are a few paragraphs on 2nd page that are poorly edited/spell checked - but you get the general idea. This focus on milk fever originated from this...
  13. Aaron

    I didn't see this mentioned by anyone here...

    Idaman's book is ready. https://www.hancockhouse.com/collections/newly-released-forthcoming/products/mountain-ranch-at-the-end-of-the-road
  14. Aaron

    2019 spring bull shopping done.

    I think they will work. Fleckvieh is for the bottom end of the commercial cows to give their steers a little more pop in the ring, and the Hereford is for my heifers. Video of 96F, there is another bull mixed in as well. https://youtu.be/CcGre1S20oY The 3/4 sister that sold for $34,000...
  15. Aaron

    Any opinions?

    Ability to post YouTube videos seems to have changed again with new board, so I'll just post the link. Sale is this afternoon. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c8NH9Gx1WWU
  16. Aaron

    Ready for spring

    Wind 50 mi/hr and a few inches more of snow. Rebar electric post at corner of loader, and going straight out are about 3 1/2' out of ground. So we are at about 3' of snow in open fields. Duluth, MN just broken their all time record for snow accumulation just in month of February at 35" and...
  17. Aaron

    Where is creekdrive?

    Thinking about him this morning and realized he hasn't been here in almost a year. Miss his pictures. Such a phenomenal herd he has.
  18. Aaron

    Hit the jackpot

    1 lb. fruit cake 75% off at the store. Unfortunately 1/2 lb seems to already be missing. But it was good. :banana: :banana:
  19. Aaron

    Hazards of ranching in Arctic with RWF Caribou.

    So yesterday evening I got a tingle in my left eye which grew into full born excruciating pain by evening that I dulled with left over Tylenol 3's so I could at least sleep from 8-1 and 3-8. Phoned optometrist early this morning for emergency appointment. Thought for sure I had scratched my...