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  1. farmwriter

    "I Love Me Some Rednecks"

    This is a wonderful editorial from the Moulton Advertiser about how our much-maligned rural boys are really the ones you want around when the world is falling apart - or blowing down as the case may be. http://www.alabamawx.com/?p=47772
  2. farmwriter

    "Tainted Meat" Headline

    http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/04/15/nearly-half-meat-tainted-drug-resistant-bacteria/#content I was just thinking yesterday about the great prices we've seen lately and I thought, "I'm sure it won't be too long before there's some scare about safety." Some of the comments kill me...
  3. farmwriter

    All finished!

    :banana: Last cow calved between the morning check and feeding about 30 minutes ago! We had one born Sunday morning that doesn't seem to be doing great, but I'm so glad to have the waiting and birthing over, I can deal with the rest of it! Our goal was to be done by March 1st, so I am really...
  4. farmwriter

    Venting - not at all bovine-related

    A friend of my husband and myself died yesterday of an apparent drug overdose, and I am just sick about it. This makes 6 school friends of his that have died at their own hand, either intentionally or because of overdose. I have a relative by marriage that took her own life because of...
  5. farmwriter

    feeding twins and cow

    Okay, I know we have several twin threads going already, but I'm looking for some specific advice. Here's the background: I had a heifer deliver male/female twins last Monday, Jan 10. The male is small, but the female is tiny. I literally would put her birthweight at about 25 pounds -...
  6. farmwriter

    No more tubing / bottle feeding!

    A fellow with a dairy cow called us yesterday after he heard about the twins we had born New Year's Day. Said he's been looking for a while for more orphan calves to put on a dairy cow, so he bought the rejected twin born yesterday in addition to the NY orphan! No babies for us to feed tonight...
  7. farmwriter

    Not-so-Preg check

    Thank God for the Vet coming out to preg check today. 16 (yep S-I-X-T-E-E-N) open cows out of the 61 he palpated. That was a shocker. 13 were out of a group we bought w/calves on them, but they were in pretty poor condition. Looks like they took longer to recover than we realized. I see a loaded...
  8. farmwriter

    Auctioneer Championship

    Had a good time this afternoon. Drove to Montgomery Stockyards for the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship quarterfinals. Pretty fun to see all those guys - in what seemed to be quite a range of ages. I didn't get there for all of it, so I missed the top two guys, but a guy from Montgomery...
  9. farmwriter

    Montgomery AL graded feeder calf sale

    July 27 @ Montgomery Stockyards Any of ya'll going?
  10. farmwriter

    Prayers for a friend

    I'd like to ask any of you who are prayerful to say a prayer for my friend Debbie. This morning she fell walking the long driveway from her home to get the mail and suffered a compound fracture in her leg, then managed to crawl to the highway where she lay in wait until a car came by to see her...
  11. farmwriter

    Reminder - Oleander Poisonous

    Just in case somebody else out there doesn't know or needs reminding, oleander is very poisonous to livestock (as well as people and most any other animal) if ingested. A fellow not too far from me recently lost 5 head (and two more weren't doing well last I heard) because of clippings from the...
  12. farmwriter

    New cow/calf pairs

    Looks like today might be the day they arrive! We've been trying to get them since last week, but it's been so dang muddy, we were all afraid to try it! Fellow had 25 pairs he wanted to sell. We're getting 15 and a friend is getting 10 and since the lot of them will be here until the calves are...
  13. farmwriter

    The Truth about Animal Ag

    This is a really well-done article about the myths so many consumers have been convinced are true. http://www.marshallnews.com/blogs/1146/
  14. farmwriter

    deformity - I think?

    The first bull calf we had born this year was a pull late one evening. The next day he looked to have a couple of scraped places down one of his back legs - no blood, just knocked the hair off. At the time, I suspected he got his little leg beneath the guardrail in the alley way holding area...
  15. farmwriter

    Cell phones and PTT

    The fam has all had push to talks for several years, and they've been so great for use around our place - everybody's out looking for a cow, it's so easy to let 'em know you've found her - that sort of thing. But, I really need to get a Blackberry for my other work. I've put it off about as...
  16. farmwriter

    Firewood hauling?

    We've been tossing around ideas for a better system for firewood than stacking it in the truck or tractor bucket then stacking it again when we get it to the house. We were thinking of maybe taking some pallets and building a frame (a bottom, a back, and two sides) we could stack wood in as we...
  17. farmwriter

    what happened to the calving ease?

    I know I've posted before about the young bull we bought that turned up cripple and we had to get rid of him. Well, apparently he was tagging the heifers just fine with his gimp leg, but I'm getting more and more glad that sucker is gone!!! As of this morning, eight of our heifers have calved...
  18. farmwriter

    Getting disappointed

    I've been thinking the past couple of weeks that 4 replacement heifers we bought last year are not looking as good as the ones we raised. We're a little less than a month from the start of calving, so I've been doing a lot of just sitting and looking at the ladies lately, and everytime I'm out...
  19. farmwriter

    Funny Commercial from down under

    Guess you Aussies may have seen this already. Made me LOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnywDA8VJZM
  20. farmwriter

    Be Nice

    Just curious, is this somebody's regional expression or just something ya'll made up for the boards or what?