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    registered cattle

    Hi guys, thinking of getting a few registered cattle, and I'm curious as to what is required for records. Do you have to get weights on all cattle,(calves at weaning) or is that not a requirement? Also, I take it you have to get semen certificates from the studs in order to register? Thanks...
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    feeding out young heifer

    Question for all of you with years of experience, I'm not sure since my background is in dairy. I have a hereford heifer from last year that is fairly nice, but she runs thru every fence I've set up for rotational grazing(just a single hot wire). All the other cows respect the wires and I've...
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    subdividing pastures

    Have any of you that rotationally graze used the electric twine for subdividing? I currently use regular 14 ga wire, and I'm sick of the hassle. I've always thought of the twine as a horse fence. Is it conductive enough for cattle. Thanks.
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    heat detection

    I'm thinking of switching from Kamars to those detectors that are like a scratch off lottery ticket. Actually, I've already bought them, they are cheaper, and I've heard some good things about them. Anyone here used them/have any thoughts? Thanks
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    cow prices

    Anyone out there want to weigh in on what they've seen for bred cow prices lately? Thank You
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    What percent of weight are some of you feeding grain to your weanlings?
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    Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my weanlings to keep. And if I die before I wake, at least I won't have to listen to this god forsaken [email protected]#$%^^^^. Anyone hear me on this one? :)
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    age to slaughter

    What are some of your avg. age to slaughter?
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    age to slaughter

    What are some of your avg. age to slaughter?
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    Mares Tail

    Anyone familiar with the weed Mares Tail? I've heard it's poisonous to horses, but I'm curious if it affects cattle. I've got a chance at a bunch of free bales from a horse farmer that have some in it and he does not want to feed it or sell it. Thanks.
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    A bit off

    I have a three year old cow due to calve her second june 10. A couple weeks ago she seemed to have rapid breathing, but otherwise appeared healthy. Now the past couple days she, is breathing normally(20) per minute. But is acting odd, laying down a lot, walking real slow, and seems to be...
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    jersey steers

    Hi, I'm raising 8 jersey steers for a guy, and I was curious your thoughts on what I (how much) should be feeding them. They are about 500 lbs. Currently I'm giving them about 60 lbs per day of hay(total) plus about 14 lbs of steer grower mix(per head). Any thoughts? Too much? Too little...
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    weaning heifers

    Hi, just curious what percentage of body weight you think I should feed of corn to some heifers I'm keeping as replacements. I just weaned them, they are about 7 months. Also, at what point/age can you stop supplementing grain?
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    Rotational Grazing

    Asking for some advise here, due to lack of rainfall, my cows are just slightly ahead of my 4 pastures, instead of vise versa. This is the second year for my pastures and last year we had almost no rain. Right now I am keeping them in 1 pasture for about 4 days, and letting them eat it...
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    Big Square Question

    Just curious what the average 3*3*8 would weigh. Thanks!
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    Anyone have an idea for me? I grind my own feed and have just been giving ground corn for cows and ground corn for calves with starter top dressed. I would like to mix up a batch that will work for cows and calves as I will feed both a small amount daily thru the summer just to keep them...
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    Hello everyone, curious if you can help me out. Just added a total of 1 3/4 mile of electric fence onto my current 1 mile and my 2 yr old fencer Zareba "15 mile range fencer" is now only throwing 1000 volts compared to the 7000 before. Does this make sense? Will it still be enough to keep...
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    hanging weights

    Anyone have a good rule of thumb for what the ratio is hanging weight to live weight? Thanks.
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    hanging weights

    Anyone have a good rule of thumb for what the ratio is hanging weight to live weight? Thanks.
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    Seeing as I'm new at this I have a question, all of my cattle have real bad diahrea. They have not had this before, they look healthy otherwise and have had no change in diet. Could this be due to our 90 plus degree heat???