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    Capitalist vs DV patriot

    Looking for moderate size and easy fleshing, who wins, cap 028 or his son patriot. Anyone have experience with both? I have heifers from 028 born last fall and I like the, so far.
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    Unexpected growth from Bull calf

    I saved a fall couple bull calves back this year, as a friend wanted to pick out a bull for his herd. I have a couple choices from Capitalist 028. Anyway, one of our better cows didn't settle AI but had a bull to a hoover dam son about a month after the AI calves were born, and he is blowing...
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    Charge for sides of beef

    I have two steers I’ve fed out, and I’m selling as halves to a couple folks. Any idea what is the going rate for halves on the rail? Or what’s the best way to price them? Thanks!
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    Cidr protocol expectations

    This is our third year of ai breeding using a synching process. We do the gnrh-cidr-PG heat detect, then time breed at 72hrs non responders with another gnrh shot. We generally have cows in good condition, as calves are pulled off 8n March or April, and cows spend the summer on brome pasture...
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    vaccinate before CIDRs

    Can I vaccinate my cattle with cattlemaster gold FP5 L5 at the same time that I implant Cidrs and give Cystorelin to A.I.? I have been vaccinating when I wean calves in the spring. But it would be more convenient if I can do it all at once. Thanks,
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    Steer overloaded on corn

    I have two steers at my in-laws getting fat. Well, I was up there for the first time in a while, and one of the steers is significantly farther along than the other. I set up separate feed bunks to Make sure they are both getting their share. They are about 850-900 pounds. They had both been...
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    Start of fall calving season

    Well our fall season has started. I think I'm in the minority that calves in the fall, but I'll take sept/oct calves over the 10-25% loss due to cold/wet that folks had this spring around here. The first two are heifers. This one is our heifers out of Comrade. She's small, but great...
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    banding bull calves

    I have traditionally banded my bull calves shortly after birth, within a few days. This year I was thinking about just waiting until I run cows through for A.I. This would put the bulls at about 2-3 months old. Are there any considerations I need be aware of if I delay like this? I just use the...
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    Feeding out a couple steers

    I've got two steers, an angus and a shorthorn cross, that we are feeding out for personal consumption and to sell some meat as well. They are actually at my inlaws place, who aren't really cattle people, but who are feeding them. I am managing remotely, which is a pain, but I'm trying to figure...
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    An article to make Branded sweat

    I ran across this in my daily topic research. Sorry Branded, but it made me think of you. :hide: http://www.manzanoangus.com/weaning-weights-how-much-is-too-much/
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    What will she sell for?

    This cow will go through the auction this week, and I’m just curious what you experts think she will sell for at the local sale barn in Kansas, or what you think she’s worth. She’s a 4-5 year old XB, roughly 1300 pounds. She’s gentle, has decent feet. She’s 6 months a.i. bred to summit. Her...
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    Question for Kansas ranches

    I have always sold cattle at the Holton livestock exchange, simply because it is close. The other day I was looking at the sale results in Salina, and it seems like their prices are significantly higher. Commissions appear to be the same. Is this typical in Salina? Am I really missing out by not...
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    Small gate in barbed wire fence

    I’m putting up some barbed wire, and I want to put a 5 foot metal gate in a 1/4 mile stretch. Can I just put in two 2 7/8 posts 5 1/2 feet apart and tie them together at the top with a pipe?this would be cheaper than doing a brace on each side, but it seems like it would hold fine. Thoughts...
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    barbed wire clips

    I'm putting in some new barbed wire fencing, and I had a question about something. Should the clips that go on the posts be tight? I'm sure it's an elementary thing, but I've always twisted them until they held the wire tight. But I saw a video about fencing yesterday where the guy put the clip...
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    hay supply and prices

    I understand that supply and demand is in play here, but we just paid $166/ton for brome hay, and that's before the $4/loaded mile to deliver 40 miles. It's too bad to see hay farmers racking cattle ranches over the coals. Our farm is run by myself and my dad, our grain bin is an old gravity...
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    Comrade calves

    I sure like the Comrade calves. These are a few months old, aren't out of the best cows, and I'm not expert, but that second heifer sure stands out in our herd. Both of these are from black baldy cows with what I'm guessing are angus and Hereford genes. I'm stacking Comrade heifers from last...
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    Bull selection and epds for low input

    So our angus cow/calf operation is trying to work toward a fairly low input herd. I don’t care about having the biggest calves at the same barn, I’d rather have medium, efficient cows for eastern Kansas brome pasture. I use Select sir bulls. If someone wants to suggest specific bulls they would...
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    Just discovered the site. New(ish) to beef.

    So, I’m sure I’m not the first to say this, but this site has an incredible amount of information and experience. So since I just discovered the site, and I’ve spent the last two days scouring through post after post of good stuff. I thought I’d say something about what I am up to. So I’m from...