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    Ford vs. Chevy

    This is why I quit arguing polled vs horned hereford too. Some of these horned guys might just blow up. LOL
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    Heifer acceptable Hereford?

    His epd profile says that he is a prospective heifer bull, and he may very well be. I dont know his actual birth weight as he is an ET calf as his mother was. The biggest hang up I would have is that he has Online in both the maternal and paternal side of the pedigree and the Interstate bull on...
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    Hereford question

    The phrase intellectual honesty in this situation absolutely does not apply. There are those of us that do not see it through a horned or polled prism. I see it as a breed of cattle of which some have horns and some are polled. Just like some have red necks and some have white legs. There are...
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    Hereford question

    Have you ever been to their ranch or seen their operation. How much do you think those cattle get challenged on a daily basis?
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    Hereford question

    Im not going to get into a horned polled discussion as I could go on and on with examples that I know of where polled bulls replaced some horned bulls and they way out performed them from fertility, longevity, doscility and soundness issues. They wont use a horned bull anymore, in fact they...
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    Hereford question

    Its called breed improvement. Having the ability to remove a negative trait from a gene pool makes my job, and every other breeder, a whole lot easier as I am simply trying to breed the best hereford cattle I can. If I found a horned bull that was good enough to use I wouldn't be afraid to use...
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    Hereford question

    My point is that all modifications aren't the same
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    Hereford question

    Is that your definition or someone else's? I don't want to get into a GMO discussion, but your definition is actually one I see used by the anti GMO crowd. Their definition would encompass pretty much any change to any plant or animal despite the method used to make that change occur...
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    Hereford question

    I understand but it is high time that the beef industry and agriculture industry take our message to the consumer instead of letting the anti ag people do it. We need to dopt the mindset of educating the consumers instead of reacting to every crisis that the agriculture haters create.
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    Hereford question

    I am not sure they would be called GMO as GMOs have genes added to them. In this case it is more of a gene splicing process that is used. No genes from outside the species are used. In theory you could eliminate the horned gene from the population very quickly...
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    Hereford question

    The animal rights aspect of dehorning livestock is an issue and will become more of an issue over time so if you could dehorn them genetically it would be good. The AHA should not be affected by this one way or the other. In fact the commercial cattle sector will determine the success or...
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    why are herefords so thin compared to "old time" cattle

    A simple google search soon after I read his posts showed me all I need to know. This is simply a marketing ploy with the differentiation point of being more pure than the next guy but the definition of purity is in the eye of the beholder. They have gone back and used old Hereford lines from...
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    Trying Chianina isn't new. They have been around for 30 years or more. Results weren't good either especially the full bloods. If the show cattle industry didn't exist, they never would have gained a foothold. Too many problems with big birthweights, tall, slow growing, hard fleshing, poor...
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    why are herefords so thin compared to "old time" cattle

    I have to strongly disagree, as there is no source quoted only an opinion. People need to learn that anyone can post their opinion anywhere on the internet at any time and that doesn't make it true. I realize the new age of journalism doesn't require named sources, but sources are more...
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    A breeder's riddle

    You had a really good set of cows and you put a really poor bull on them
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    Hereford marking question

    Just because a Hereford animal has some black hairs doesn't mean his pedigree nor purity should be in question. I've seen hundreds of animals over the years with black hairs in tail or an occasional black patch on the body. The old timers always told me that black hair on the tail is a sign of...
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    Sim EPDs

    I don't know squat about Simmental epds, but looking at them as yearling bulls and I would pretty much have to throw them out and look at the bulls as there just isn't enough differences other than a little CE and REA and they are both in the upper 20% for both traits within the breed. With...
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    BSE exam

    My post was in reference to the "needing bigger balls to produce more volume in order to make up for poor semen quality." A gallon of poor semen wont get a cow pregnant. Yes the universities have told us that higher scrotal measurements lead to earlier puberty in the daughters, but it is...
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    BSE exam

    Be very careful with this assumption. Hotter rations, with higher nutrition levels wont necessarily increase the size of the testicles. It might increase the scrotal measurements because there is fat deposited in the scrotum and most don't or cant account for it but that fat has short term and...
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    Terminal Bull

    Why do you want to go terminal when good quality replacement heifers will outsell their terminal counterparts?