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    What to do with a ruined heifer.

    Have a 2016 model 1000 poundish heifer, pulled a dead calf this spring, and it was a very hard pull. She has been with the bull since. Have seen her cycling and serviced the last couple months, and have decided she isn't going to be able to take. I'm trying to figure out what to do with her...
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    Corral boards

    I used 1x6x16 rough cut oak boards, spaced 5" apart. Used RR ties as posts. Concreted in the ground. Built 6'4" tall. Put upright 1x6 between the 8 feet post spacing. Alleyway going to chute has post spacing of 4'. Used upright 1x6 in alley between posts also. Sides of alley are pretty dang...
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    Shipping to the feedlot

    Sounds like you are a good one, Snoop. The world needs more good and honest people. Glad your FIL gets to come home too.
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    Very informative thread right here.
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    Pasture broomsedge

    Clarification...the mowing IMO hasn't killed any yet, but it has allowed the good stuff to compete. Definitely causes the BS to be less vigorous. Thinking it down. My logic is that surely it is weakening it some how.
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    Squeezing the Customer

    Glad you are seeing progress.
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    Pasture broomsedge

    We have mowed BS a couple times in summer. Which seems to be keeping it in check. Have unrolled and fed a good bit of hay on BS. Been doing this the last 3 years, and it has knocked it back by 50 to 75 percent, would be my guesstimation. Put maybe 75 lbs of 12 24 24 on this spring too. Something...
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    mature johnsongrass analysis

    It sure responds to it from my observations.
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    Squeezing the Customer

    How are they doing now?
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    Bahia question

    I just don't care for thought of it at this point. Feel like it's hurting the ground and cannot be good for me. Haha. Gonna have to do something though. Have some Grazon I've been sitting on since Spring. Thick grass does nothing against horse nettle I take it? Won't thin it out eventually...
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    Bahia question

    Not sure the type, but volunteer crab grass has shared space very well with dallisgrass and white clover. Each have taken turns dominating depending on how hard it has been grazed. Definitely grows. Horse nettle is my problem. Have mowed one pasture in particular 3 times already in hopes of...
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    mature johnsongrass analysis

    I loved it before. Really love it now. I thought it was straw at that point aside from the leaves maybe.
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    Could this be a hernia?

    Pleased to report the swelling has went down about 80 percent, overnight. Had me worried as she didn't get up with the rest of th3 calves and start eating. Went over, showed her a bucket of feed, and she slowly got up. Started chowing down. Hoping all is good now.
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    Could this be a hernia?

    Appreciate the information. Snake bite had crossed my mind. It runs down the left side of her gut and udder. Stops at the beginning of the rib cage from what I can tell. It appears to me it isn't increasing in size. See if I can get a better picture this evening. Cheap cell phone isn't doing it.
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    Could this be a hernia?

    Found this heifers last night. She has a huge lump from her navel going into her udder. She is roughly 7 months old. Guess 450 pounds ish. Has been weaned since 3rd week in August. Last night she didn't seem to be affected by whatever this is. Today, she is moving slowly. She is...
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    Clipping pastures today

    Does mowing help thin broomsage? I've been mowing as i move the animals to new grass. Have been seeing broomsage here and there. Having a thicker stand seems to be helping thin it down. For sure less than last year. I've decided to mow this year instead of spray. I'm liking what i am...
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    Another grass to ID

    Don't think that's it, but thanks for the help. These seeds aren't the size of a pen tip. The last pic i posted is the largest the seeds get. Teeny tiny. Hardly any leaf to it. It simply turns brown and dries up. Nothing unfolds or opens up. I guess its a wild grass.
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    Another grass to ID

    This grass threw seed heads around the 20th of June. Comes up everywhere, especially in pastures. Doesn't amount to much that I can see. But the seed heads are everywhere.
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    Working pen (small) 10 head

    If there is any chance you'll have more cattle in the future, make it larger. You could always put a large trap before the pen starts. Slowly feed you pen from the larger trap. Keeps the pressure off your panels. When I built ours last Fall, I asked every person around us for advice. Looked...
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    Cutting Interval

    Cut the fields on Wesnesday and got it all put up shortly after dark last night. Got 81 4x4's off of about 20 acres. Had 6 weeks growth. Pretty happy with how it turned off. We're considering a bit of urea if it rains this week in hopes of a decent third cut in about a month.