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    Gelbvieh Bull Tabasco

    What do y'all know about the Gelbvieh bull Tabasco. Thanks Curtis
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    Riding for the Reds sale

    Anyone know when & where it will be this year. Thanks
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    It just started

    The half time show, what a bunch of fools, it sucks. :2cents:
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    I Bet

    Some of y'all got a big ol headache this morning .
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    Winter Meat

    I got a big fat doe on Thursday, it was a easy shot at 150 yards facing me. i used a 280 AI and a 150 grain nosler BT bullet. Bang flop. I have a friend in a club that has waaaay to many does, 11 came by within an hour. I waited for what i thought was the oldest one. It should be some very good...
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    Mustard Oil & High Life

    Can you still purchase Mustard Oil and High Life? Just wondering.
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    Celtic Woman

    Are any of you watching Celtic Woman on TV ? These ladies are very good, pretty to.
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    Happy but sad time of the year.

    As the seasons change to fall and winter its a happy time with the holidays that we celebrate, but its also a sad time for many families who lose everything they got to house fires, some lose their lives. Every evening when i watch the news there reporting on another house fire. I hope that...
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    Krispy Kreme

    Have any of you got your new Krispy Kreme calendar? Just wondering.
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    There east of me and west of me, it won't be long until they meet in middle on top of the ridge. A friend killed a big boar hog last week that weighed 440 lbs. Jed, there in the river bottoms marching your way. Not good.
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    Sexed Semen

    How accurate is it? TIA
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    Sister Lucy Bellie

    The members of a small church heard that sister Lucy Bellie had called their pastor the devil. Standing before the congregation she defends herself of the rumor. I have never, never once said that our pastor , the Rite Reverend Will Crackin was the devil, all i ever said was... that man sho was...
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    Moonlite's Turkey Recipe

    Moonlite sent me her turkey recipe so i thought i would share. 8-15 lb. turkey 1 cup melted butter 1 cup stuffing 1 cup un-popped pop corn salt/pepper to taste Preheat oven to 350 degrees brush turkey with melted butter,salt and pepper fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn place in baking pan...
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    ? Moonlite

    Is the snow up to your ankles or your... ? :lol: :lol: maybe if its not too deep you can borrow cfpinz new boots, if their big enough.
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    Happy Birthday Victoria

    Have a good one young lady.
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    Women will do anything for attention.

    While watching the news today there was an ad for a product called Booty Pop. Its some kind of underwear for women that's suppose to make their booty pop out a little. :lol: :lol: News channel 3 from Memphis Tn. will be testing it tonight at 10 pm.
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    Red Bull Breeder & others

    Are you going down to Tunica Mississippi for the Dick Avery dispersal?
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    Wheres Calman? has anyone heard from him?
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    Only in Men a Soda

    I saw on the news their selling Camel on a Stick at the Men a Soda state fair. How much do they cost Moonlite?
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    Happy Birthday Angus Cowman

    Happy birthday Brad, have a good one young man.