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    Took some photos the other day. Trying to catch up for my records (I like to have a photo, sometimes my mind forgets who they are, lol) Daughter's 4H steer Red Angus heifer we bought last fall. We needed a few more to breed Shorthorn for Replacement heifers. Red Angus Heifers we raised...
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    So, Here's What We've Been Up To

    Last fall, we decided it was time to add another barn to the property. As we will calve out around 450 head (about half are custom cattle) our 32x56' barn just doesn't have the space we would like. When you're getting between 15 and 20 calves a day, and you get a couple of nasty weather days it...
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    Ultrasound Due Dates

    For the last few years we have had our cows ultrasounded for pregnancy. I really like having them ultrasounded rather than palpated. This year the vet who did it dated all the cows and heifers. Within 5 days. In the past, other than to call the odd one "early" or "late", the rest were either...
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    Replacement Heifers

    Here's some of our replacement heifers. The red's and black's we will keep and the tan's are booked into a Bull Sale in the spring.
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    Easy Winter (pics)

    Last year was an unbelievably wonderful year, and this year is starting out well. Calving went great, calves grew amazingly and the cows all went into the fall grazing season in superb shape. At the moment we have only fed a handful of bales and it looks like we will have another 1-2 weeks of...
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    Fence Crawlers

    Why is it always the best looking ones that turn into fence crawlers? Brought one home a week ago, told DH that we should just take her to town and get what we get. Only problem is that she is one darn good looking bred heifer, has some pretty good genetics behind her and is due to calve early...
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    A few Photos

    Here's a few photos from the last couple days. Beautiful weather.... Cows are still out grazing and they are looking awesome. There are 73 head in this group, 40 or so are bred heifers the remainder mostly raised our replacement heifers for this year. In addition to the grazing that they are on...
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    Some of our Bred Heifers

    Here's a few pics of our Red bred heifers. Very happy with them this year. A Group shot from this summer Now these 5 are consigned to our local Stockyards Select Bred Heifer Sale in a couple weeks...Only consigned because they are calving in April rather than March.
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    Cows and Calves Photos (LOTS)

    I'm Baaack... It has been a very busy summer. We are very nearly done hauling all the hay in, except for some stuff we bought. It was a very long haying season, this is the first year we have EVER taken a second cut, and it was double the first cut, so that really dragged things out. It is hard...
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    Haven't Been Around Much

    Busy, Busy, Busy. So I haven't been on here much the last little while. Calving went well for us, we calved out an extra 170 cows for a couple other guys, so that kept us pretty busy through April and May. Then it was time to get ready to do the 4H Beef thing, with DD. And of course now we are...
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    Food for Thought, Vaccines

    Here is an interesting article about vaccinations in horses. I'm interested in what others think, if this is a possibility with cattle. Now, I believe in vaccinations, and we vaccinate our cattle. But this made me wonder if it is possible that we are over-vaccinating as well. Or, perhaps this...
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    Spring has Sprung

    Spring has Sprung here. Calves are bounding around the pastures and the heifers are curiously investigating us as we repair fence.
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    Another Day of Calving...

    Calving season has gone along quite nicely this year. The weather has been amazing, and is supposed to continue being very nice as well. Makes calving season easy. We installed a PTZ camera in our calving area and that has been a great tool, especially late at night. It is still tiring, of...
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    Busy Day

    Yesterday, from 12 AM to 11 PM we had 15 calves born, 3 right at midnight and the rest waited for the sun to come up. From 12 AM to 6 AM this morning we've had another 3. Only had to mess with 2 of them, one was a bit early and weak, and another was a heifer with a big calf, had to pull him. Now...
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    Assisted Calves

    So here is a question for all you purebred guys. When you pull a calf when, what do you report as assisted, or what does the breed registry require? So, DH had a conversation with a local breeder about when they have to report a calf as assisted. Now, I don't know if this is a breed...
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    The Smallest Calf, Video

    https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10 ... 7671028973 Here is our little preemie. 2 days old, and his first few steps. The white calf weighs about 70 lbs, preemie is 32 lbs. Small but mighty, he is a fighter. He needs the blanket, temps are pretty nice, but his hair is so short and his...
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    Smallest Calf

    So, what is the smallest calf that you have ever had alive?? Out of normal sized cows of course...lol. Had one born this afternoon, minimum 3 weeks early (reality, longer than that I would think) Weighed 32 lbs. It is the smallest calf I have ever seen, that was born alive anyways. Lively...
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    And We're Off....

    So far we have 6 calves, but looks like 3 more are on the way for today, for sure.... Had one really big one last night out of a cow (125 lbs) the rest have all been under 90 lbs. Had to give the big one a little help (just to get the hips out, wasn't much of a pull). And the big one was a...
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    PTZ Cow Camera

    Daytime.... https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10 ... 6232893632 Night time https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10 ... 5745068240 We have had a camera in the barn for several years, and then got one for the pens just outside the barn. They are really quite awesome for checking calving cows...
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    Our NEW Cow Cam

    https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10 ... 6232893632 If you're interested, here's some video from the new PTZ camera we set up.