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    The US dollar is crashing.

    Ah, thank you for the clarification.
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    The US dollar is crashing.

    I admit, I live under a rock, but I have heard of the pope being arrested once before in the next few days/weeks/whatever, but I can not get a reason of *Whhhhy* he will be arrested... Do you happen to know?
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    Greatest weapon

    They will keep repeating what they want you to believe until you believe it...
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    She did it again..

    I work in a level 1 emergency room. let me tell you all right now that it doesn't take but one trip to the hospital to burn through a lifetime of all that extra income those "best ones" can earn you. Get rid of your questionable ornery ones. they aren't worth the bill, broken bones or burial.
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    Unrolling hay into rings

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/Rt3QBWiAgxHuq6oeA This is ours. My husband built it himself. Pardon the wind. It was extremely bad that day. It's not normally anything like that.
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    A quick 5-10 minute rinse in the shower with soap will help cool you off and wash the chiggers off BEFORE they can bite you. I would do it every 4-6 hours, but I also was fairly close to home or could get there in less than 5 minutes on the ATV. The 15-20 minutes to do this was worth every...
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    Got some new livestock.................

    Hope they keep the mouse population in check for ya!
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    Can this work?

    I wonder if she ever calved...
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    If you had to start over

    Lol. Go for x-ray technician.
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    If you had to start over

    Depending on your location, can't really go wrong in the medical field. I am a respiratory therapist. There are lots of choices besides nursing...
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    Lost cow at auction

    Has anyone else ever had the sale barn "lose" one of your cows? I happened to go back to a sale this evening where we took two cows that had lost their calves. Inquired about if they had a check (to see if they had gone through already) and they hadn't sold yet. Sat to watch and *finally* seen...
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    Can you name this weed

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    Can you name this weed

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    Can you name this weed

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    Can you name this weed

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    Can you name this weed

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    Been unrolling hay

    If worried about trampling to the point you'd try anything, I've seen where some unroll a bale then, right down the middle, string up one hot poly wire. Keeps the cows from walking back and forth over the hay. I can find a pic on the internet if some can't visualize it.
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    Well I Guess We're Calving

    Wow Silver! Do you have goats or cows? It's a shame they didn't all make it. Hope you stay lucky! And I always thought if you have to bottle feed one you might as well be bottle feeding 3 or 4. LOL.
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    Disposition after Calving?

    We have one that is going this Saturday. She was always a little high headed and flighty (red flag 1) but after she calved made the mistake of charging the husband as he was feeding, checking the herd over and looking at the new calf. Made him have to take a few steps back before she stopped...
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    Need help finding price

    Well, I just told her $1.20/lb. I think that is close enough... Thank you so much for answering!