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  1. Big Creek

    Political board - covid threads

    I gotta say, Marie has always been very helpful to my questions. im just saying
  2. Big Creek

    Food prices

    Where ever you are in life, inflation hurts everyone. Particularly those that are just getting started. One more tax.
  3. Big Creek

    What are you eating today?

    Smoking ribs and pork loin with tater salad and Mac and cheese
  4. Big Creek

    Russia/ Ukraine

    Let’s go Brandon
  5. Big Creek

    Insurrection at WALNUT CREEK..............

    Don’t fear. Biden will fix it.
  6. Big Creek

    Throw him out!

    Let’s go brandon
  7. Big Creek

    Low Methane Cattle

    Let’s go brandon
  8. Big Creek

    Deere Strike

    People join unions because they don’t have the spine to stand up for their self. Come on America, grow a set.
  9. Big Creek

    Fourth UK beef processing site gains access to US market

    Look at who your president is. America last is what he embraces.
  10. Big Creek

    New roads and bridges promised

    Democrats are terrible people
  11. Big Creek

    Sick world we live in!

    Personally, I refuse to listen or do business with liberals.
  12. Big Creek

    Jury reaches verdict in Chauvin trial. Announcement imminent

    Amen, the lefties won’t understand that